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DIY | Got Milk?


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Hey mom, we’re out of milk!

Does this ever happen at your house? Its Sunday night, you’ve had a very busy weekend. You didn’t have time to visit the market and when your child yells this from the kitchen. You're thinking Ugh! We still have homework and laundry to do!

Oh yes I remember those days and with school and work the next morning...what would I feed the kids? Every breakfast included milk in some form. Well my friends, as I have said many times, oh, I wish I knew then what I know now!

But wait! I can help you solve this dilemma!


Cashew Milk!

I cook a great deal and as a result I always have raw almonds, raw cashews and unsweetened organic coconut in the pantry. Did you know all three of these items can be used to make milk! Yep, no kidding! It’s so simple and better yet, it takes very little time!

Today we’ll make Cashew Milk. Many of you may think it isn’t healthy. Oh yes it is! Let me show you!

Cashew Milk doesn’t contain sugars unlike cow’s milk! So no sugar spikes. Cashew Milk contains 50% of the daily required vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for your skin, helps prevent sun damage. Cashew Milk contains only 25 calories per glass vs 122 calories for 2% dairy milk. And because Cashew Milk is lactose free, well this is a game changer for some

All you need to make your own milk is Raw Cashews!

  • Soak your raw cashews for 2-3 hours in boiling water or overnight.
    DSC_0007 (2).jpg

Drain and rinse the cashews. To my favorite blender I add 1 cup of cashews and 2 ½ cups of filtered water. Blend well. Now you can drink the milk as is or strain the pulp from the milk. If you wish to filter the pulp read further! You will need a Nut Mylk bag or cheesecloth.

DSC_0010 (2).jpg

Pour the cashew milk through the Mylk bag pressing all of the milk through. Squeeeeeeeeze it tight, we don’t want to waste any of the milk!

DSC_0014 (2).jpg

See! Now you’ve GOT MILK, Cashew Milk!

DSC_0029 (2).jpg

Think about it…no more late night frantic runs to the market! Just remember to keep raw cashews and almonds in your pantry! Almond Milk is made the same way, although you must soak almonds overnight! Almond Milk has more of a nutty taste and more protein but both are great.

We love it, in fact I don’t buy milk anymore, I just make my own. It takes no time at all!

But wait, I forgot! The pulp! Don’t throw it away! Stay tuned!

DSC_0021 (2).jpg

I’ll show you what we can do with this shortly! Thanks for stopping by my friends!

As always, blessings to you all!





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