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Increased Fatigue! Take THAT Monsters!


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Well, I learnt something today. As Frank and the kids all watched expectantly as I showed them how the Dragon Summoner Daria Dragonscale gives +1 to all Melee monsters, with my Earth Splinter monsters alongside my Chromatic Dragon.


I had Flesh Golem in first place. So did my opponent. Hit for -3, heal for 3 and hit me for -3. Next round, I start, heal for 3, hit him for -3, he heals for 3, hits me for -3. And it went on...and on...and on.

Finally we got to round 20! ROUND 20! As we all watched, and FATIGUE hit the monsters. Hitting the first position monster of whoever started the round, and to other monsters. First it was a Fatigue hit of -1. Next round it was a Fatigue hit of -2 to each monster on the battlefield. Then -3.

As each out monsters took damage until they all died. Only their health being what would determine who survived the longest. But then, because my opponent missed once, I did not die defeated, but I died after his monsters died from Fatigue before my monster could hit him. Therefore I did not win.

It was a Draw in the end. And we both are marked as defeated, with 0 points won and 0 points lost in the League.


Well, that was interesting. You learn something every day: After 20 rounds, monsters take Fatigue damage that increases by one each additional round.

If you have about 15 minutes to spare, you can have a look at the battle for yourselves lol


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