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TakoTubes Semi-Weekly Hive SBI Giveaway!


2 months ago2 min read


This is a hive exclusive giveaway to help support the growth of my Lbry Channel. The channel is about physical health, celebrating our bodies through fitness, and a bunch of other really cool stuff!!!

Giveaway Eligibility Rules

Rule 1: Upvote this post
Rule 2: Leave a comment on one of this week's specified upcoming Q&A topics

  • How Do I Keep from Gaining Weight While Quarantined?
  • What Are The Benefits of Deadlifts?
  • What’s Exercises Are Most Beneficial to Maintain Weightloss?

And that's it...

Other Ways to Help Support the Giveaway!!!

Follow me
Be sure to follow me here on hive so that you don't miss out on this week's juicy fitness Q&A topics

It would also be great if you can repost to help get the word out about the giveaway!

Winner Announcement!!!

This week I'll be selecting ? commenters to receive 1 Hive SBI unit each!!

The winners will receive their reward after this post pays out, and will be officially announced on the following giveaway announcement post.

Thanks a lot for taking the time out to check out my post and participating in the giveaway! You're greatly appreciated!


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