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Never know what to expect at the Dump


9 months agoBusy

Today was like every other Monday in the Summer. Crazzzzzy. I needed my dump trailer tomorrow, so I went and emptied it at the dump. As I pulled up to the dump trailor side of the dump, I was told to go to the 1 slot. When I got there, I was approached by two men that were like, obviously frustrated, and said " Did you see that?" I was like what, and then they pointed to the tree stump that was under their truck. I was like how did that get under there, and instantly one guy was like it was my brother driving.

Here is a short video of them chain sawing this stump under their truck. They could not move or it would damage the truck even more. So after the chain saw failed, I had big jack on my truck, and picked up one side of their truck to get it out. It was just super funny to see. They both thanked me and I went away laughing.


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