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This last week has been a blood bath in the price of steem, but I am hoping it is just the calm before the pop. I have been shocked by the amount of big money trying to get into the cyrpto space. With the like of Goldman Sachs buying Poloniex via Circle, and Eos raising like 5 billion in funding, even when they do not have a blockchain up and running yet. 186261027.jpg
The Irony is the fact people have flocked to these Coins as a way to get away from big banks, the government, and a rigged system. But no matter what you do, or how far you go, it seems that they will follow, as long as they can make a buck. I posed the question the other day about there being any place that is censorship free. One person responded with your mind, and really that might be the only place, but can you ever have a decentralized Coin with the GOVERNMENT lurking around the corner?????


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