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Zombie Starfish | Nature's Weirdest Events - BBC

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8 months agoSteemit

Starfish are so beautiful and there are so many different ones. 
It is so weird to see what is happening to these starfish. 
It is very well explained in this video, but I was stunned to see what was happening. 
There is such a wonderful world under the sea, and we love going to look at all the beauty. 
Then someone saw that there is something wrong. 
We are seeing a lot of things happening because we are not looking after the world we should, but this is not one of them. 
I could not believe how the starfish are pulling off their legs. Fortunately, there is always someone who care enough to try and find out what is happening. 
Please do not miss this wonderful video as it is incredible to see. 
I hope you will show your children if they have never seen starfish and been diving. Have a wonderful day from me.            

courtesy of you tube


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