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When I grew up my parents taught me, if you take something that does not belong to you it is called theft. 

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It is not called expropriation. 

We cannot believe that this is going to happen in this beautiful country of ours. 

I watched this video of a Zimbabwean farmer who returned to his farm after 18 years. 

What this meant to me is that one President could make so many of his own people unhappy. 

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These people, who received this farmer back, were so happy to see them because now they knew they would have food, work and a great farm again. 

Did he not realise that these people were working happily for a long time together with their farm owner.

Some farmers have farmed from generation to generation on the same farm, so they really know what they are doing, as they still learned from the older farmers.  

It is incredible to see what is happening here. 

Will this be the same here in our country, will we be sitting without food.

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I really think this is part of history that is not the best part that I have written about.

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When I read this news, it does surprise me to see that whites are not even in possession of 50% of South African properties and farms. 

Who does the rest of the land belong to, and why not give that to the people in need. 

I do realise that there are people who are in need of housing and a place to farm, but give them the part that does not belong to anyone, I am sure very few people would have a problem with that.

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Luckily there are so many countries that are saying look at Zimbabwe and there they do not have any food to eat, their money is absolutely worth nothing and things really do not look good. 

This is going to history that our children will have to learn. It really makes me sad to think that they will have to learn this as it is not any history that we want them to know. 

I truthfully hope that our new President look at this, as I do think he is a very clever man, and will realise what disastrous consequences this could be for all in the country. 

By that I mean everyone no matter what colour of the rainbow they are, they will suffer all as food will become a problem. 

If you have an opinion please say something in the reply, as it does seem as if not all Zimbabweans felt the way the whites were treated. 

To me it seems as if they are very thankful for their old farmer coming back and the fact that they will have work again. 

It is really heart breaking to see how happy they are.

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Just like I wrote yesterday, there are people who do things because they can, like the people who love wars. 

This seems the same way to me. Have a wonderful day from me and please reply on my post if you have something to say.



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