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Motivation and wise words

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for self-motivation books and articles. I probabaly skimmed through countless financial and motivational articles and now I’m on this financial crypto YouTube fix. I’m trying to get a smart, watching as many YouTube crypto channels as possibly.
I find these little nuggets here and there.

I really like it and want to try to follow it, that’s the hard part.
Try to pass on little bit of that motivation as I am counting down until I’m leaving USA to go back to Sweden. it’s a bittersweet for me but more so for my wife that’s has blood relatives and had her entire life here in New York.

She is btw so beautiful and brave, to leave and go on this adventure with me. I do love New York, but it’s more opportunity for my daughter in 🇸🇪 Sweden. I hope everybody’s enjoying their fun filled Friday, I will keep you updated on my travels and blog from Sweden and happy Steeming .40F94A4F-6156-4DB7-A3C4-02CF4C666E17.jpeg


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