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In light of the current global plandemic slowing down and halting much of the world for some time, my family’s life has not slowed down for one moment but rather has sped up a bit.

In short, during my extended hiatus from Steemit, as I now see is called Hive, I was able to successfully close on our new home, move everything in to settle in and recently we added another member to the family, with our little puppy Sadie.

Life has never been busier for me or my love @kelsnm. It has been very hard to find a moment to myself, let alone find enough peace to write out something meaningful when we have growing boy James running around and puppy Sadie, a chocolate Lab, now chasing the little man around the yard.

Right now everyone is napping, as the Spring rains fall on our metal porch overhang, drip by drip. The change in scene from where we were two months ago, to today.. rather, from two years ago - living at my Fathers home unemployed and nearly broke, to last year preventing my Father’s suicide and subsequently moving out on a whim with hardly any money saved up, to have been able to support my family enough and save enough to make the move to purchasing my first property.

As I sit here on my own couch, in my own living room. Feels nice. Certainly had a lot of help along the way and I am ever thankful for all of the help.

I am happy to say I can provide my boy a plot of land to grow some food, enjoy the summer sun, cook a fire, and so much more as we moved from the bustling city edge of Reading to a one street town just on the edge of a state long mountain chain. 24/7 beautiful Mountain Views.

Unfortunately, not all in life is perfect. My Father and I are still not on good terms but that is really an internal struggle of his. That I pray he can figure out before it’s too late. My son is growing up fast, and having his only grandfather alive and well would be a blessing.


Our sweet boy James has been learning a lot about his world.


Tuckered out from all the activities together, James and Sadie are already very close companions.


Big farm house on a decent plot of land in a small one-road town at the edge of the mountains.


The yard extends 200 feet from street to alley in back, so it is quite the long fetch of a yard. Perfect for activities.


The garden is beginning to take shape now that Spring has returned with warm temperatures and now I can shape the property any which way I like. More on the garden to follow. Even the mushroom logs are popping these days!

Take care y’all hope to be posting again relatively frequently now that we have settled in to our new home.

As always, I pray to Heavenly Father. I am ever grateful.

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