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I Am Alive Day 19 | I am getting closer to close my youth generation, and step to my new journey of life.


13 days ago

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Good day Friends and to all of my Hivers out there, hoping all is well!

Today is my day 19 on participating I am Alive Challenge by @flaxz through @threespeak

And it's 3 days and one night more before i will step up to another journey of my life, because this coming Wednesday May 27,2020 is the day to settled with my Girlfriends Family and talk about our plan to our upcoming wedding date. Yes! We are going to married soon with my long time Girlfriend @chingpherd, for almost 11 years of joy,happiness,trials, and challenges we encountered to our relationship finally it's indeed worth is the wait.

I will update you soon guys to our dream event when we set our fixed plan on our wedding day.

Wishing you all guys a wonderful day stay in good health. Stay safe, stay at home and God Bless!

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