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Is this a bug on #hive?


last month

Hi everyone, while I was online earlier today, I found that there were no blacklists anymore on my account, I was shocked one moment but, in the mean time I was happy. As I posted my blog post, moments after that there was a message from #hivewatcher that I am posting a plagiarised content. Earlier, I was blacklisted by #spaminator and #hivewatchers but, as soon as I went online today, I found that there were no blacklisters anymore! Right after my post #hivewatcher posted that I am being a #plagiarist and posting someone else's content and even got downvoted by #spaminator. I really don't know what's happening with me but I am really shocked!

Posts are highlighted, I am being blacklisted, then getting whitelisted, then getting comments and downvotes from #hivewatcher and #spaminator.

P.S Someone please answer this!!

2020-05-28 14_29_18-bib15hash (@bib15hash) — Hive.png

2020-05-28 14_25_00-bib15hash (@bib15hash) — Hive.png

2020-05-28 14_26_26-Football is back..!! — Hive.png


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