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A Pledge of Support to the PLANKTON TOKEN


3 months ago3 min read

When I opened my Partiko today, I saw @plankton.token's post and I am happy to see @mermaidvampire has this project. I know she has the heart for fellow small fishes like us and it's about time the red fish make a community that will hold them together and swim to achieve some goals. A token for plankton will be amazing and a plus to the already amazing Steem ecosystem. After all, this is crypto and social media. Digital economy is another theme, thus tokenization is a big good step for a community like the planktons!

I am a plankton by heart. I got here in Steemit alone without anyone. Support was difficult and it was like being lost in a new universe. I started getting 0.001 earnings for my posts even if I post everyday, my account was barely increasing Steem Power. It was hard during the first few months, until I learned the ways of Steemit. Engagement and investing in Steem Power so you can expand your influence. You can vote more people, you can support them and in return they notice you and you can even be their friends around here. I no longer earn 0.001 for my posts but I don't have a lot of support either, I have consistently been steeming because I believe this platform can help people and I can help people through Steemit. I love curating, I love engaging with a lot of people here more than I do in real life. I have started from the bottom and I worked to have the Steem Power I have today. It's not much but I am on my way to reach my dream of being a dolphin. It wasn't really a struggle because I had fun with a few friends, mostly small fishes like me.

I know Plankton will be a good project. I don't hold Plankton yet but I will make sure to buy soon. I wish to be a part of it and support the planktons. I know how it feels like to start my journey and be lost in this ocean then slowly realize the best part of this world are the people and I have to engage and unite with them. I'm looking forward to what this project can do to help small fishes like us and I'm excited to take part in this new movement!

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