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Changelly: Navigation and Making Exchange.


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Changelly is one of the fastest ways to make transactions involving crypto. The platform was designed to simplify the process of exchanging one crypto currency to another with a few clicks; with less hassle and at a competitive exchange rate that would keep you coming back for more. Here is how to Navigate through the Platform.

Sign Up
  • Go to the homepage Screenshot 206.png
  • Click on "sign up" at the top right of the screen. A tab side bar menu will pop out from the right of your screen. Input your email Screenshot 208.png
  • Input your Email, click "proceed to exchange" and then complete the captcha verification to enure you're not a bot. When you complete this process, you will receive this confirmation Screenshot 209.png
    Go to the mailbox(inbox or spam) of the email you put in for registeration and you will see a message from Changelly with a link to complete your sign up process Screenshot 210.png
    Follow the link and you will be redirected to a portal where you input your wallet details and other relevant information. Screenshot 211.png
  • Complete the form to process your exchange and within 5-30 minutes, your cryptocurrency will be exchanged at the stipulated rate stated on the site.
Buying Crypto

With Changelly, you can purchase cryptocurrency directly to your wallet using your credit card. The process has been simplified and in a matter of minutes, you can buy one of either XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BCH or Eth.To buy crypto using your credit, follow this link and you will be redirected to the payment portal

Benefits of Purchasing Crypto From Changelly
  • Transaction fees are reasonable and capped at a maximum of 5%. Which makes it one of the most economic avenues to purchase crypto
  • The process has been simplified and users don't have to go through rigorous/complex verification processes
  • Transactions are completed in a few minutes, making Changelly one of the fastest exchanges around.
    Secure: Changelly is is powered by Simplex. Making it a very safe avenue to conduct transactions.
    Support: There is 24/7 support for any issues experienced during transaction
    Trusted: Changelly is a trusted crypto dealer, used by over 2 million people from around the world with a good track record and many positive reviews.
Summary Of How It works
  • Transfer crypto to Changelly from your wallet
  • Search for the best available rate on the market
  • Exchange at the best rate
  • pay 0.5% charge for exchange
  • Funds are transfered to recipients wallet.

Changelly is a fast and hassle free platform for executing crypto currency exchanges. Judging from the reviews, it has been largely positive and left customers satisfied. I would also love to hear about your experience using the platform in the comment section.

Images are Screenshots from here and my mailbox.

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