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It appears this is pepper’s favorite toy…


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Pepper Has Several Go To Toys ..

So I decided to lay them all out on the floor in front of him and allow him to pick which one he wanted the most. There was a lot of staring at the toys, staring at me, whining, wondering what in the world I was doing… But eventually a decision was made and he picked his favorite out of the 10 most played with toys! But will get to that in a bit.


This all started with a whining dog…

Pepper was sitting on the floor next to his overflowing basket full of toys. Every so often he would whine, shift his weight and look at me as if I knew what he wanted. This large basket of toys has grown over the years as family members and friends have brought various toys for the dogs. No rhyme or reason in their choices, squeaky toys, crackling toys, toys that make noise like a cow, Rattalee toys, big toys, large toys, hard toys and soft ones… Etc. etc. etc. We eventually had to tell everyone to stop bringing toys because they were getting older and don’t really play as much as they used to. The majority of our house has been taken up with dog toys! Ha ha just kidding. We have given several away to neighbor dogs as well, but don’t tell anybody I said that!



So I Get down on the floor with him…

And start rummaging through the toys pulling out the ones I know he usually picks to play with. Every time I pick the toy I would set it in the middle of the floor and he would look at it and go back to the basket and whine and sniff. I did this about 10 times and decided this is it, I am done. I had all the toys spread out In a small area of the family room floor. He came over to the pile and sat right behind them and began to stare at them and then at me. I believe he wanted me to do all the hard work by going through these toys to pick his favorite. I wasn’t going to do it! I told him you pick. After a long long long wait, he gave in and I won. He picked a toy to play with!


This ball ..

Fell off another toy at some point, and he became very attached to it. It makes no noise, and does not bounce very well. It’s rather light and very soft. You can hardly throw it very far because it has no weight to it. But he loves it! He holds it in his mouth sometimes for hours at a time, even falling asleep with it in still in his mouth. He’s too cute for his own good. Most of his favorite toys now stink. We wash them from time to time, which seems to take him off. He rather than be nice and stinky. Most of these toys are kind of tattered and torn and I’ve been sewn together several times. Holes form, fluff falls out and get spread around the living room, then we get the sewing kit out and sew it up while he sits patiently and waits for the repairs. Every time I say I’m going to throw it out, but he gives me those eyes and looks so excited to get it back that I don’t have the heart to get rid of them.


I threw it one time…

And he retrieved it and then immediately laid down on the floor. Poor old guy doesn’t have much energy to chase that ball anymore. I think he’s getting kind of lazy if you ask me. Ha ha ha. He definitely finds the energy when it’s time for a walk! Hahahahaha. Oh well, he satisfied and done whining for the evening. I’m happy because I don’t have to listen to him anymore (for now). Hey, I can’t complain because it made for a good post. Thanks pepper!


Good night everyone!!!

PS, pepper barks a special good night to Nadi

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