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Iris In Bloom.. Clematis Not In Bloom.. A Waiting Game


2 months ago9 min read


I Have Been Watching This Clematis ..

For quite a while now. Come on and BLOOM already!! I'm starting to get very frustrated with it.. haha. Okay, a bit of a joke there, but really I have been more than patient with it. We walk Pepper around the neighborhood most evenings, and I see other peoples Clematis in full bloom. What Gives??!! I am thinking that it may be because the original vines died off last year and I trimmed the plant back to the ground. I wasn't even sure that it would grow again. To my surprise it did and now I sit and wait.


The leaves and vine look healthy enough, no question there. The little tid-bit of evidence that ensures me that it will bloom, and it will bloom profusely, is that this sucker is LOADED with blooms! I am not even about to count them all. I am super excited about that much. Given the facts here, I am willing to be very patient. The reward will be worth the wait.


I know I said this same thing a while back, but I do believe that some of the blooms will be opening up rather soon. Like this one below.. It is swollen and just looks like its ready to show me it's purple beauty.


I was messing around taking these pictures after work, and tried to untie the string attaching the vines to the steaks, but my fat fingers could not manage to loosen the knots. I gave up and then by the time I said hello to the dogs, I forgot to go back out with a knife. Maybe tonight if I remember, but if I am going to be totally honest, I will most likely forget again. I did allow plenty of room for the vines to grow, as not to strangle them, but was it enough? I know.. I am babbling on about this more than I should. I am doing this for a good reason. So it WILL sink in to my dense brain :)



This is the top of the mail box looking toward our home. The vines are wrapping and twisting around anything they can, including themselves. Last year it was hard to even see any of the box.. I am hopping for the same this year. It just looks good being nice and full. There is a down side to it being so visually inviting, and I am getting to that.


Here we are looking out into the street from the back side. Everything is filling in nicely. The Liriope (the short lime green grass looking stuff) is beginning to spread. It won't bloom till much later in the summer. They will also be a nice mellow purple color.. smaller flowers though. The Iris are starting to bloom! White flowers with a yellow center. I thought that I planted some purple ones in there as well (last year), but I guess not.


I took this shot a few weeks ago. I wanted to include it because gives a good visual representation of how the garden bed looked pre-bloom. I can just make out the Iris buds poking out the tops of the plants. It only took a few warm days and they were open. They will probably be done blooming in another week or two, then I will be charged with the task of dead heading them (removing the spent bloom stalks). Oh Boy!! What is that under there?? I can see it from here!


WEEDS! What else. More weeds. I'll tend to this this weekend whaile I am out mowing the grass. I'll get in there head first and pull them all out of there.. haha.


Now For The Down Side I Mentioned Above..

Bird [email protected]#! (poop). The bad part of having visual interest, and a roosting spot, is the birds love hanging out there too. I suppose it could be worse.. A Grisly Bear could of decided to hide under there, although that is a far stretch of the imagination.. Lets go with painfully, stinging hornets. That's a more realistic ideas. Well, after all that talk, the poop doesn't seem so bad. I will wash it away and make room for more.


I Want To Turn Your Attention To ..

The front entrance of our home. As I mentioned above, the Iris are in bloom. It's so calming and cheerful to arrive home to this sight. The whites and purples of the Iris flowers are a delight to see when I pull into the driveway. We have already received two compliments on how beautiful they look. I am open to taking more if you decide to give me them! hehehe. No pressure.

I try my best but find it very difficult to not include Molly or Pepper in these blog posts. Sooo let's not break the norm here. Pepper lent a hand, or rather some pee. It was his way of helping out where he could. He was just trying to be nice and fertilize the new growth. If you ask him, those plants didn't smell right to begin with. Make sure you get them all Pepper! Not just the ones at the edge!!


As for the plants that didn't die of over urination.. They are teaming with life and pretty purple/white/yellow colors.


Okay.. Get Ready To Be Over Stimulated With Iris Pictures! ..







Just for the record, The birds like to poop here to.. on my bolder rocks. They are so lucky that I like birds :-/ Otherwise........ nothing would happen. I am a sucker for birds. Like the dogs, they are too cute. Anyhow, they are learning by example. Pepper!!


The evidence that will soon (hopefully) be washed away with the impending rain.

IMG_6789 2.JPG

Hope You Enjoyed The Flowers!

See you all again soon! As always, I appreciate each and every one of my readers and the constant support and love that they give me. Yup.. I am talking to you! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!



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