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Learning the Ropes/Intro


29 days ago

I just finished reading a great post by @citimillz here I saw some posts and chat about the challenge dapp and decided to take a peek.

crypto moves fasssst, gotta keep in the groove/pixabay

Challengedac is summed up in their Community I just subscribed to and seems pretty fun...

"Official Hive community for Challenge App Users. ChallengeDAC app is an EOS based Geo-specific and Time Sensitive App. A player (sender) sends a challenge to another player (receiver) asking them to be at a location within a given time. If the challenge receiver completes the task on time, He/She unlocks a Real-Time Crypto Reward." Community Description


I like cross-promotion and networking and being part of many ecosystems so it just seemed like a community I wanted to join and check out what some of the buzz was about.

Happy to be a new member in there and to see this project evolve, till next time stay safe and have fun!



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