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@Bank.SBD Daily Report: 2020-01-16 (@sbdpotato support)

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About @Bank.SBD

@Bank.SBD is a steem service that aims to bring back the SBD-USD peg. It does that by providing cheap STEEM POWER delegations (loans) and only accepting SBD as payments. By this it creates an actual use case for SBD as a currency.

The SBD taken as payments is always priced at 1 USD (1 SBD = 1 USD) so anytime when SBD market price is below 1 USD, the delegations provided by @bank.sbd are cheaper the those provided by other services ( is taken as a reference point here).

Obviously the service needs a lot of STEEM POWER to be able to influence SBD price in any way - that's why those daily reports are generated - all the profit from those posts will be powered up so more STEEM POWER can be offered for delegations.

Current Data

Importants Stats
  • STEEM market price 0.145 USD
  • Delegation APR: 13.5% ( taken as reference)
  • Delegation ratio: 1 STEEM -> 386 STEEM POWER delegation per week
  • Delegation price: 1 SBD = 1 USD = 6.897 STEEM -> 2662 SP delegated per week
  • @Bank.SBD delegation is 30% cheaper than actual market price (SBD price is 30% below 1 USD)
  • Total account SP: 15627.0
  • SP currently available for delegation: 0
Delegations ending in upcoming week:To extend ending delegations, simply send any amount of SBD with memo: extend. More about extend feature can be found here.

How To Buy Delegation

To buy delegation, simply send at least 0.01 SBD to @bank.sbd with memo: delegate

By default the delegation lasts 4 weeks and the amount of SP delegated depends on how much SBD has been sent.

You can also state for how long you want to receive the delegation like this: delegate for 6 weeks

You can also state how much SP you want to receive for delegation like this: delegate 100 SP

Finally you can combine those two like this: delegate 200 sp for 5 weeks

In all of those cases the service will automatically charge the right amount of SBD and refund (send back) any SBD that were not used for delegation.

To extend current delegations, simply send any amount of SBD with memo: extend. More about extend feature can be found here.

Invest - Profit Sharing

Steem users can invest into @Bank.SBD in order to receive shares in profit that comes from selling the delegations. Please remember that because the invested STEEM/SBD will be converted to STEEM POWER, the investments are not refundable - so in a way the shares are a life-time investment.

Investing STEEM And SBD
Invested STEEM will be powered up - this will increase user's share proportionally to invested STEEM. Invested SBD will be automatically converted to STEEM and then powered up.

To invest, simply send any amount of STEEM / SBD to @bank.sbd with memo: invest

User's share is calculated as a ratio of user's invested STEEM POWER and the sum of invested STEEM POWER from all users (user SP / sum of all users SP).

Bonus STEEM POWER For Investors
Currently @Bank.SBD receives additional STEEM power from 2 sources:

  • donations from @cardboard (probably no one else will do it ever ;)
  • @tipu sends 30% of the vote selling profit as donation to @bank.sbd
This bonus STEEM POWER will be added daily to all investors stake according to their share. This is done to increase their profitability since currently the delegations are being sold below market prices. Also please note that the earlier the investment, the more additional SP it will acquire over time :)

On the other hand the post rewards comming from daily reports are accounted as @sbdpotato investment so all the profit generated thanks to those rewards will be send to @sbdpotato account.

Current Investors List

  • @cardboard: invested STEEM: 12910.728, share: 81.875712%, invested STEEM POWER: 12910.728 (0.0 bonus SP)
  • @cadawg: invested STEEM: 0.418, share: 0.004376%, invested STEEM POWER: 0.69 (0.272 bonus SP)
  • @sourovafrin: invested STEEM: 0.833, share: 0.008707%, invested STEEM POWER: 1.373 (0.54 bonus SP)
  • @technologix: invested STEEM: 5.0, share: 0.052363%, invested STEEM POWER: 8.257 (3.257 bonus SP)
  • @mys: invested STEEM: 500.0, share: 5.045428%, invested STEEM POWER: 795.598 (295.598 bonus SP)
  • @asgarth: invested STEEM: 591.103, share: 5.494825%, invested STEEM POWER: 866.462 (275.359 bonus SP)
  • @dera123: invested STEEM: 640.666, share: 4.664338%, invested STEEM POWER: 735.505 (94.839 bonus SP)
  • @sbdpotato: invested STEEM: 361.993, share: 2.448662%, invested STEEM POWER: 386.122 (24.129 bonus SP)
  • @simplegame: invested STEEM: 50.0, share: 0.352318%, invested STEEM POWER: 55.556 (5.556 bonus SP)
  • @phgnomo: invested STEEM: 1.0, share: 0.006684%, invested STEEM POWER: 1.054 (0.054 bonus SP)
  • @wesphilbin: invested STEEM: 6.966, share: 0.046586%, invested STEEM POWER: 7.346 (0.38 bonus SP)
The service owner (@cardboard) is excluded from receiving bonus SP :(

All rewards from this post will be accounted as @sbdpotato investment. All profit generated thanks to those rewards will be send to @sbdpotato :)


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