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14 Reasons Why the New Zealand Mosque Attack Could Be a 'False-Flag' Mossad Operation


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On page 19 of his manifesto, the New Zealand shooter jokingly remarked:

"Are you a Fed/shill/mossad agent/false flag/patsy/infiltrator/antifa/glow in the dark etc?
No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy scepticism is a good thing."

The shooter, Brenton Tarrant was, indeed, likely a CIA/Mossad asset. This becomes clear when observing that the shooter's writing and actions before the massacre associate himself, a "right-wing white male", with all of Israel's enemies and pro-European movements, discrediting them.

Here are the clues.

1 The Dog Whistle: My Fellow White People

On page 5 of the shooter's manifesto, Tarrant twice mentions he is "just a [sic] ordinary White [sic] man". It's the well-known dog whistle that some Jewish Twitter users have used to stealthily accuse white people of evil ("My fellow white men, ..."). Why would a white man need to stress he is, in fact, a white man? It should be more than obvious that Tarrant is white.

2 The "Uneducated White Male" Caricature

The shooter claims to be uneducated, of lower class stock. Indeed, the manifesto is riddled with mixed writing styles, grammar, and spelling errors. The errors appear to make the shooter look "uneducated", which, in itself, is a pet peeve of the anti-white movement. They love to paint their white political adversaries as uneducated and ignorant.

However, the poorly written manuscript could have been greatly improved had the author merely used a spelling checker. Since the document was posted as an MS Office .docx file, one has to wonder why the author didn't use the spelling and grammar tools? Or re-read his writing just once? The manifesto's poor writing quality was faked.

3 Too Stupid For Grammar, Yet So Smart He Profits from Bitconnect/Bitcoin

On page 5, the author claims he invested in Bitconnect, and used the proceeds to fund his travels abroad since 2012. But was a Bitcoin lending platform that launched in 2016, along with its own cryptocurrency. Apparently, the shooter claims to have made a profit but Bitconnect went bankrupt in january of 2018. The currency dropped in value from $500 to $1.

Unless it was the Mossad that ran Bitconnect, it is highly unlikely that an apparently uneducated white male like Brenton Tarrant could have made a profit of Bitconnect.

4 Iran Connection (1): Visits to North Korea, One of Iran's Few Political Allies


(Picture of "Brenton Tarrant" visiting North Korea.)

Though the manifesto fails to mention the shooter's trips to North Korea and Pakistan (the manifesto was intended for a white audience), Brenton visited both North Korea and Pakistan some time in 2018 or before. North Korea has economic and possibly nuclear ties with Iran, Israel's archenemy. It helps to associate the dictatorial regime of NK with the NZ massacre, especially if you are Israel and looking to further incriminate the regime.

The subliminal message is, "white right-wing extremists love authoritarian regimes like North Korea's"

5 Iran Connection (2): Visits Shia-Muslim Hotel in Pakistan But NZ Victims Were Sunni-Muslim


The shooter visited Pakistan, a neighbor of Iran, just months before the attacks. During or shortly after the visit, he praised the Pakistani people for their hospitality. He posted this message on the Facebook page of Osho Than, the hotel he stayed at, which is run by Shia Muslims.

The subliminal message is, "this white guy was influenced by Shia Muslims, then killed 49 Sunni Muslims". Shia Muslims, of course, are the majority in Iran, Israel's enemy. Sunni are the majority outside of Iran. The Sunni Muslims will want to retalliate against the evil Shia, which serves Israel's upcoming war against Iran.

6 Confirmed Presence of Paid Crisis Actors in the Massacre's Aftermath


7 The Attack in Christchurch Will Forever Associate the Attacks with Christianity

8 The New Zealand Prime Minister Met with John Podesta in the Days Before the Shooting, and With Globalist Matriarch Hillary Clinton a Few Months Earlier

download (1).jpg

Podesta praised the female Prime Minister of New Zealand,

9 NZ Prime Minister Fails to Lie to Your Face During the Press Conference

After the attacks, the NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern held a press conference. She emphasized that Muslims seeking a "better life" in NZ "are us" and that there might have been refugees and migrants among the dead. In the video, on three occasions, she says the attacks were "clearly" a vile act. The first time she says this, she looks straight into the camera with unblinking eyes. But the second and third time, she looks down and away. It's hard to lie to people's faces. A body language expert might need to look into this:

10 The "Doom"-Style First-Person Shooter Video Helps Condemn Video Games (That Teach White Kids How to Fight Back)

11 Tarrant's Strange Association with Serbian Nationalists (Who Opposed Islamic Immigration)

In the live-streamed video, Tarrant played some music of an old Serbian nationalist outfit that supported Karadzic. The Serbs fought to keep mass Muslim immigration out of their country. The subliminal message is, "it is bad to keep Muslims out of your country". The link is also made with Russia, another supporter of Iran and enemy of Israel.

12 Tarrant Was an Expert Marksman

In the live-stream, Tarrant hit moving targets from quite a distance. He had done this before. Where did he receive his training? Likely, from the Mossad/CIA.

13 Tarrant Made Sure His Face and License Plate Were Captured on Video


Why? It means he wanted to be caught (for the ensuing media and court show). It also means he wanted the media to show his white/whitish face to the world. Media complied.

14 Tarrant Was a Breivik-Copycat

Like Breivik:

  • Tarrant wore full military custome (to scare and paralyze people);
  • had an overkill of guns, ammo and bombs at his disposal;
  • shot people at point-blank range to make sure they were dead;
  • worked calm and desensitized (like a trained soldier);
  • shot unarmed people;
  • killed people at two different places, traveled by car in between;
  • didn't kill himself;
  • showed a "right-wing" hand gesture in court (Brevik's fist, Tarrant's O.K. sign);
  • smiled in contempt of court;
  • had many if not hundreds of hours of target practice;

It's almost... as if both attacks were orchestrated by the same outfit? They followed the same recipe, for sure.


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