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Effective Leadership #9 - Evaluating Key Leadership Roles


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Hello Steemians, Hope you are all wonderful. Welcome to yet another article in Effective Leadership series. In this article lets evaluate the key leadership roles. In our previous article, we saw in detail on mastering roles. This article will also detail the expectation of the key roles and how we can fulfill them. The authority and control over the team emerge automatically if a leader is expert in an area. Nobody will be happy to work with a lazy or dumb leader. The styles of leadership can also be learned by observing various successful leaders.


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Key RolesHow to Fulfil Them
Expert - Has in-depth understanding of his/her field. Capable of doing any type of challenging work.
  • Strive for the best possible performance, and increase your knowledge in your specific field.
  • In order to improve strength in key areas, develop and improve technical performance with the help of your expertise.
  • Administration - Ensures the operations are running smoothly without any challenges.
  • In order to improve efficiency cut down paperwork that is currently being done and devise new processes and progressive systems.
  • In order to control everything effectively, plan and set appropriate rules or boundaries that will be required. Be focused on the values in order to be effective in having the control. Look for new systems or methods if necessary.
  • People Person - Focus is primarily on the staff members and works towards their growth and training.
  • In order to be successful one should first be a good people person. Effective management of staff members will automatically bring success.
  • Transparency or openness can be very helpful in effective people management. Think all the situations in their perspective as well. Treating everyone equally is a key thing.
  • Strategist - Always look for a long-term solution and implement ideas that are futuristic.
  • Planning should always be strategic thinking about the future. Planning ahead and setting goals accordingly can be helpful for both team and organization.
  • Identify the growth areas and strategically concentrate on those key areas systematically.
  • Change Agent - Use change to stay up to date and a key tool to progress and grow.
  • Do not hesitate to take lots of initiatives and drive change in the team. Being adventurous can be very interesting to work. Instead of taking control focus on enterprising.
  • Always encourage new ideas and lead change. Explain the importance of the change to the team members to make them feel more comfortable with the change.
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    Hope you all had a good read on how you can fulfill the expectation of a specific role. A leader should be a combination of all the above skills and should always stay positive to encourage the team members or staff members. Communication is very important to stay connected with the staff members. The thought process of staff members can be understood by a leader only through effective communication. A leader should always be open and transparent to receive feedback from the team members.

    Share your views on the managerial skills and leadership skills in the comments section. Meet you again in another article in this series.

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