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Received Shares + SteemMonsters, SBI Share Giveaway at the End!


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SBI Shares

I have now received 219 shares from my other account! Apart from those, this account already had 14 shares, meaning our total is at 233. That said, we have also spent another 20 steem to get more shares via trading, so the grand total is now 273! Obviously still very little, but we hope to keep increasing it as much as we can.


Steem Monsters Talk

I have now been part of the steemmonster community for over 8 months. In this time however, I never actually understood or got the game entirely. This lead me to simply pour in a bunch of money to get some cool cards, and hold on to them (until recently) when I sold most of the cards. I suppose my question is;

"Is SteemMonsters actually fun to play, or simply enjoyable as it is part of the steem blockchain"?

Because for me, I tend to support it as it promotes steem, however it is definitely not a game I enjoy playing and is definitely on the bottom of my "favorite game" list.

SBI Giveaway

I will be giving one sbi share away.


  1. Upvote the post at 100% (regardless of sp)
  2. Comment in a response to the question asked above

I'll randomly assign each comment with a number, and then have siri pick a number to decide the winner! Good Luck!


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