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Villopoto calls out Dungey!


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Morning Steemers,

Wow well i didn't expect a call out of this magnitude haha! This is epic and i have to say that i am loving Ryan Villopoto in his new retired life he is a man transformed. I mean he was the fastest man on a dirt bike for pretty much the majority of his career and in Supercross he was untouchable but he always had that look of a man on breaking point. There was no joy in his face and he was looked cold and emotionless. Fast forward to today and we see a man laughing and joking, riding for fun and basically a permanent smile on his face. That tells you a lot about the sacrifice these riders live with in order to compete at the highest levels.


So in a tweet that i never expected to see he has called out fellow namesake and Supercross/ Motocross champion Ryan Dungey in a head to head for the upcoming Red Bull Straight Rhythm.


Ryan Villopoto

"Yo Al Dungey!!!! ryandungey I know how it feels to be sitting on the couch waiting for something exciting to happen in life. Get your hand out of your pants, and off your floral print couch and come race us in October before your Married with Children .. can you make it 45 seconds? #straightrhythm"

haha that picture! Well i for one hope it works as this would be a match up ANY Supercross/ Motocross fan would be dribbling to see!

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