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MX Nation - Season 4 Episode 4 - Other Side of the Track

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7 months agoBusy3 min read

Heya Steemers,

YES! It's the slow times between seasons that you really come to appreciate the work that goes in to producing this series. Sure they always give us insights to the main men and the big factory teams but sometimes you just wanna see the real backbone of motocross and that is the satellite teams and privateers. These guys not only make up the numbers on race day and i don't think they get the attention they really deserve.

We all know the sacrifices that the top pro riders have to do and we hear a lot about how much they resent it sometimes. This is fair as the sacrifice to be a champion is large but that does not mean that the sacrifice at the other end of the pits is any less devastating, in fact i think it could be larger.

Not only do these guys have to foot the bill for each entry, parts, fuel and travel but they also have to take the beating week in week out and then get up Monday morning and go to work. Then factor in training mid week in the gym and at the track and getting the bike prepped ready again for the next brutal onslaught the following weekend.

Now, i am one of these privateers, sure i am nowhere near the level these guys are but i work in the week, train in the week, fix the bike in the week and yeah i also work a full time job. It's tough and sometimes you wonder why you do it. You put in so much time and money and then the gate drops and someone wipes you out in turn one... The thing is these days are soon forgotten when you get out there and have a great race. It's all wiped from memory and you leave the track pumped and with a smile that a knife would not remove from your face... Reset and ready to do it all again next week.

Guys, i give you the dedicated heart of motocross... The unsung heros :)

Other Side of the Track

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