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MOTO 10 The Movie 4K - Official Trailer & Comp


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Morning Steemers,

Man this has been a busy few weeks for me and it's not over yet... So firstly i want to say sorry for the lack of updates here lately but don't worry guys, i have not gone anywhere and i will be back to full speed shortly dishing up all the best Motocross and Supercross action.


So that being said let's move on to some pretty exciting news :) Long term Motocross fans will know of the awesome Moto series of films and it's place as one of the worlds foremost dirtbike film franchises. Most riders will watch on with envy at the locations these guys arrange the shoots in i mean they really do go above and beyond to stage these. As always they cover all aspects of off road biking and sprinkle in some of the up and coming talent the sport has to offer along with some veterans and fan favourites.


Not to stop there the guys at moto the movie have also arranged a competition for anyone to enter with a chance to win $8000 in prizes and also a KTM 150 SX bike! Head over to and check it out.

First things first though, check out the trailer! It looks awesome :)

MOTO 10 The Movie 4K - Official Trailer

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