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Malcolm Stewart to ride red!


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Hi Steemers,

There always seems to be a ton of controversy and rumours with the Stewarts and rightfully so. Not only is Mookies older brother one of the greatest to ever swing a leg over a bike but Malcolm himself is no slouch and has a 250 lites Championship under his belt also. The thing is... James has seemingly hung up his boots on the pro circuit and Malcolm has struggled to secure a factory ride and for some reason seems reluctant to ride the outdoors. This has not helped him as factory riders do not earn the post lightly, they are expected to line up each and every time the sponsors deem fit...


There has been a lot of rumours circulating about Mookie though since the end of the Monster Energy Supercross Season ended and the man himself suggested there was something in the works he could not speak off... so ears were pricked and ready for this news when it hit.


Malcolm Stewart was tagged on social media earlier this week and it seems that he will be riding for the Honda MotoConcepts team next year. This is HUGE news as Mookie won his title on a Honda and looking throughout his career he has been at his best on red. This also means he will have a team behind him, but i think more importantly he will have focus and a chance to redeem and come back.

Bring it on Mookie! This is your chance to shine!

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