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Are you crazy enough to hit a quarter pipe on a dirtbike?!


11 months agoBusy2 min read


Heya Steemers,

Every now and again you see something and it almost knocks you from your seat in shock! I remember the first time i saw someone hit a back flip in freestyle MX i was blown away, i mean how can they make a bike do that! Well things have moved on since then and we have people doing things on bikes most of us thought were impossible. Now the concept of a dirt bike quarter pipe is not necessarily one of those tricks, it's not one where you sit and think 'how the hell did they make it do that'. A dirt bike quarter pipe is simply one of those things you watch and think 'wow... i would never hit that!' haha i mean this looks flat out like you have a death wish...


So Steemers, I for one can say with absolute certainty, I am not crazy enough to hit that pipe haha, thankfully though these guys are! SO grab some !popcorn and check it out :)

Nitro World Games Practice - Raha, Tyler Bereman, Jarryd McNeil, Axelll Hodges, Kohl

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