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Literature’s Tokens for Writers, Readers, and Curators |


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Some time ago, I proposed the introduction of literary tokens for writers, readers, and curators. Appreciation and appreciation for a literary work, not only given to writers like so far, but also to readers and curators in the form of literary tokens.

The concept of thinking is that a literary work is produced by a writer and only the writer who gets an award is an honorarium from the media. While the reader does not get an award other than the pleasure of reading literature which cannot be compared with appreciation in the form of material.

Interactions between writers and readers, fellow readers, literary critics with writers or critics with readers directly and immediately, are impossible to realize in the concept of conventional mass media. In online media by adhering to the concept of literary tokens, all can enjoy the benefits.

The following are excerpts of my writing posted at on December 27, 2018:

All stakeholders in the world of literature, perhaps since now they have been able to prepare new concepts in the development of work containers and ongoing awards through blockchain technology. This concept is very different from the literary works published in print media so far.

After the work has been published in print, the author gets a one-time honorarium from the media concerned, no matter the text is read once or a thousand times or without a reader at all, the amount of the honorarium remains the same. To pay for freelance writers and pay their employees, the print media earns income from circulation and advertising. That's how it has been for a long time and whether or not.

In the future, works that are included in the blockchain platform, can be given awards in the form of "literary tokens" that are calculated according to a particular system, for example the number of readers (clicks) or curations from observers or competent curators.

Do not need to worry that the number of readers can be tricked with robots because with blockchain technology can overcome such behavior. The author can get tokens that are managed by him alone, which can be converted into cryptocurrency and then converted into dollar or else, or can only receive honorarium in rupiah after being managed by the media owner.

The author can get an award within a certain time limit or it can be forever if the manager wants to bother arranging the pattern of awarding. Various variants can be developed when the "literary tokens" have been born.

As a raw idea, literary discourse in the world of blockchain and awards in other forms for writers need to be developed. Technology continues to evolve to change the needs and ways of life of humans, and literary works can adjust to the flow without having to lose idealism.

More complete information on literary tokens can be found at the link [here](].

With the conservative concept so far, perhaps the idea of literary tokens is difficult to realize. However, with the development of technology and the way humans enjoy mass media, it is not impossible to be realized in the next few years.[]


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