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My names are Odesina Ayobami. I hail from Oyo state and a graduate of Oyo state university. My discipline stand to be computer science but I mostly specialize in software, networking, CCTV installation, application packages, data analysis, web design and many more. I am the third child out of five children in my family and I reside in Ibadan with my parents. I am currently a seeing corps member (serving my nation). I am an easy going person who treat people equally. I love music, surfing the internet and making valuable research that adds to my knowledge. My love experience so far has been great with God.
How can i do without him.. My walk with him has made me gone far in life.
God helping me, I have done so many project in networkings and designs that are adorable. Am also a lover of media (photography & videography) and an active listener when it comes to hearing what or how others feel. Like my friends I'll always call me, "the evangelist", because I love to preach the gospel (it's part of my purpose in life). My favourite food stands to be rice. Anything called 'rice' like fried rice, jellof rice, rice and stew, rice and beans goes well in my tummy specially when it's coming from my mother's pot. A a fear fighter, and I believe I can attain every height with God by my side. I love people with honest mind and sincerity not friends who come around to portray what they are not. I prefer when my friends are supportive and vice versa. I am barely not the talking type, but I can be fun to be with when its due time to play. I believe in one sloganslogan 'what is for me will definitely come and also stay', you need not to force the world to yourself, just be yourself and watch it come to you without you begging.
Lastly, I don't joke with my friends and business associates... I respect them alot


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