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The Importance of Time in Our Life

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If we are in the morning, then do not wait for the afternoon. For it is now (at that) the life that we are to live, not the last day that has passed with various goodness and ugliness, and also not tomorrow which has not yet come and not yet known what kind of circumstances.


So, our day and age are the present moment where the sun shines us, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Therefore make our life at this moment as life. That way our lives will not be affected by the whispers of anger, sadness and distress of the past. Nor will he be affected by future predictions with ghosts and worrisome advances. So, steady ourselves, focus our attention, use our perseverance, take advantage of our creativity and tenacity for life today, not for yesterday and tomorrow.

For today we should be able to share our time. Today we must be able to instill goodness, give good advice, ask forgiveness for all sins done, always remember God and prepare to go every time. Live our lives with happiness, joy, serenity and serenity. Today make us willing to rizki, wife and husband, children, work, science, home, and abilities that God granted to us.

"Therefore hold fast unto what I give unto you, and ye be of those who give thanks." (Surat Al A'rof: 144)
Live on this day without sadness, no anxiety, no anger, no malice and no resentment.
If today we can drink refreshing fresh water, then why should we be sad over the very salty water we drank yesterday, why do we have to be sad over the hot water we will drink tomorrow morning?
Let us use every second of time that we have today to build our lives. Develop our talents and abilities, and cleanse our actions from bad things.

Say "I will correct every word of mine from the blameworthy. I will not utter abusive words, cursing, gossiping or abusive words.
I will also clean up the house and the office to be organized and neat so it does not look complicated and messy.

I will pay attention to body hygiene, improve appearance, pay attention to elegance, harmonize every way walk, talk and movement, with circumstances around me.
I will instill assorted virtues in my heart. I will repeal the ugly nature to its roots such as arrogance, selfishness, ujub, riya ', envy, treachery and evil nature.

I will make myself useful to others, to give good advice to others. I will visit the sick, deliver the corpse, guide the confused, feed the hungry and wipe out the hardships of others.
I will also side with the oppressed, love the weak, glorify the pious, love the little boy, and respect the bigger. "

Let the things that have gone by and gone like a sun set on the western horizon. No need to cry over the past. Because the past will not pay attention to us when we remember it even if only for a moment. For the past has forsaken us, and will not return forever.
"Use your best day" is the most beautiful sentence contained in the dictionary of happiness, for people who want to live in peace, beauty and happiness.

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