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Come Join The ForkedBlock Discord Channel!


11 months agoSteemit

For anyone interested in blockchain development, general conversation about the space, and even join hackathon's to practice your skills and learn as much as possible.

The Discord is always active and everyone is qualified to give a thorough answer. Lots of smart people here lol

Let them know Axelarator sent you 😃

The main site will have information about upcoming hackathon's.

Inside the site is also a blog section to give people information about the blockchain space and some interesting projects happening.

If you enjoy live streams, they do that too! Each stream looks at a new project to figure out how it works, code with the API and some guides like minting an ERC 884 token. Some projects include 0xProject, Hacking ETH smart contracts, TRON Full-Node API development, and so much more.


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