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Native : Fostering a Community with Rich Ideals within the Blockchain and beyond

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  • The Debacle around community

Community is the basis on which we interact with one another, yet it seems that finding people to build a community is as much harder than finding a community that lives on the terms of the occupant. While the reverse should be the case, we have found ourselves on an undefined path that leaves us with no value to hold onto at every point of our need.

Today we set aside a large part of our salary to fund anybody's ambition while our community remain in a sorry state because we have believed the system so much that forgotten we need to share our problem first within ourselves before we seek external help. This was the basis for the community institution in the first place. To have a place where people of like minds interact and share ideas

  • The Strength of the Collective

Community is all about the people and the things that matters to them at the core. Just like the saying, you need to remove the speckle in your own eyes before you can see clearly to remove the log in that of your neighbours.

A good Community should help people meet people of like minds to help foster their belief about a project that will better the lives of anyone who comes in contact with it.

Exchanging ideas, knowledge and resources are the key to building a prospering community. However finding a system that thrives on this ideals are hard or doesnt have the requisite technical knowledge to build a community that responds to this ideals.

One example that comes to mind is the social media. As even the social cloud has being deceptive at best as people ply them all in the hope of meeting new people to expand their scope but sadly end up being distracted in the pleasure of making friends and getting more likes.

A new approach to how we share our time and resources is desired. Native offers us practical system that thrives on the ideals of a prosperous community

image (2)_1539111946838.png

Introducing Native

Native is a platform based on the ethereum blockchain to help people connects with a community of like minds, share ideas, resources to achieve a common goal.

Inorder to further grasp the idea of the Native platform, let's examine below the ideals on which communities within the platform are based


Native will provide communities with the enabling tools and environment to drive productive interactions.

The Aim of Native

Economy involves a system of exchange and interactions while also ensuring accurate and effective use of resources. So therefore the primary aim of Native is to drive a new economy of scarcity by providing communities with rich economic tools to make accurate decisions with finite resources at their disposal while ensuring a fair return of value to this community as well.

The Key Concepts within the Native platform

  • Creating A Community

Every community on Native is founded by a vision which must align with the values of an open and fair community for people of like minds to interact and share resources to grow.

Any local or digital collective who gathers around a common interest or mission can create a community on Native

Native communities are called tribes. Consequently by default at the creation of a tribe, the bearer of the vision becomes the curator. Although member can replace curator if necessary through a poll provided through a simple template.

However a curator must share this qualities or responsibilities

Act as administrators of Native communities
Have the deepest knowledge of the community’s initial vision
Act as a filter to ensure only beneficial content is added for members to view and vote on
Approve or deny work created by community members

  • Finding a Community

New members can easily acclimatise with their community of interest via the intuitive dashboard that captions all activities within a community including ongoing projects,

However the prerequisite required to join any community on Native are

  • A Brave or Cipher Browser to launch the Native app
  • Metamask to synchronise your wallet with the platform
  • Some few Ether to purchase Native(NTV) token

Acquiring the Native token is the first step in joining any community on the Native platform since it is required that new member stake a portion of their funds before joining a new community. However, this transactions will be completed in the currency of the community they wish to join.

Native tokens are bancor smart tokens and implements the bancor protocol to enable users communicate with the smart contract and easily exchange from one token to another at a fair and transparent rate. While members activity are encouraged within Native communities, members can still choose to maintain distance restrictions simply by purchasing the community and joining.

Members shared qualities/duty within the Native ecosystem

  • Members join communities with values, interests and goals they care about
  • Membership grants these individuals certain rights
  • Members make crucial decisions regarding capital deployment and community direction
  • Members have the power to replace Curators

Also, Members can join multiple communities

Adopting a People-Centric Decision System

Native is adopting a governance model that allows members to decide how and which resources, projects are implemented by the community through a polling scheme.

Meaning that projects can only be executed once a quorum is reached via members poll allowing Native to give power back to the people that matter.

Driving A Value Economy For All Participants


As depicted in the graphics above, Native seeks to drive an economy that is self-sufficient to get projects executed and inturn add value to all the users.

By adopting a continuous token model and an initial conversion split that drives high liquidity to ensure high investors interest, meaning that more people gets to join the platform.

Native (NTV) token constitute the base currency for all community currencies which allows this tokens to keep a reserve in Native token to drive a more stable economy.

Price of tokens are calculated based on this parameters

pricing_1539123883411 (1).PNG

Highlighting the Core Features of A community on Native

  • Dashboard

A dashboard shows a brief summary of all activities (such as informations about available tasks, active project proposals and history of membership) within the community

  • Community Fund

This represents the resource pool for each community which can be allocated to projects and task. Community funds can increase by new members joining

  • Community currency

This will define the means of exchange for each tribe on Native. It represents the local currency to facilitate an independent economy on each platform; utilizing the denationalization of money within the Native platform as proposed by friedrich hayek

  • Task

Work item that members can complete to earn value even beyond monetary gains

  • polls

Vote or survey by community participants that is used to make decisions in the affairs of the community

  • Projects

A community undertaken voted on by members which has financial implications

  • Quorum

Percentage of memebers that needs to agree on a vote before a devision can be made.

Highlighting the Full Features and Benefits of Using the Native Platform

  • Each community has its own unique token to signify membership or to use as a medium of exchange
  • Dashboard to display an overview of all activity within a community such as active project proposal, available task, membership history
  • Members can complete important task in exchange for tokens
  • Members have the ability to vote on polls and give their feedback to the community
  • Financial activities that requires an escrow are decentralized
  • Grounds for a thorough community valuation
  • Provide maximum benefit ensuring native is not a single point of failure
  • Intuitive Interface to enable transparent and effective decision making
  • Non-financial activity are centralized e.g creating a poll, completing a task

Use Case

Nation builders
Mariana use to be called the Mother of all Nation in her youth because of her unending love for nurturing childrens that have being neglected by their parents. Now that she is getting she still craves to do more but her body is not willing.

A platform like Native could help Mariana live those moments again by simply creating a community around her interest, she could share her experience and thoughts with people of likeminds around the world, while also contributing directly to the live's of many beyond her reach.

Native is a platform with many possibilities for her


The idea of a independent bank account balances which the blockchain offers us coupled with active and interesting community will create the focus to build an economy centered around Value and good use of limited resources.

Pilot Communities

  • Earth Guardians is a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit that engages young people in programs to empower and amplify their voice, specifically around environmental justice.
  • Imaginal Films is a community of conscious film enthusiasts: filmmakers, viewers, and founders convened in one digital ecosystem to collectively develop, produce and distribute conscious films
  • SDG Futures is a decentralized and distributed communities and technology stack for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Peace Accelerators is a New-York-based non-profit that is committed to accelerating the spread of global peace by using a community-driven, tech-centric, and future-forward perspective to devise solutions that leverage emergent technologies for the betterment of humanity.
  • DOLO is a decentralized open learning organization working to iterate towards a future of smart education that is more open, agile, and rewarding for all stakeholders.
  • The Rick & Morty Crew is a collection of fans committed to embracing all things wubalubadubdub!”

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