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CryptoPepes : The New Blockchain-based Card gaming platform


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The blockchain industry is fast gaining momentum and one sector that would not be left behind in this revolution is the gaming industry. Everybody has certainly engage in one social activities or the other which has come to be a mainstay of our evolution as a human and to a larger extent a part of our culture.

One of those social activities on the top of this list is the Card game. Card game is one of the most popular and easiest games that any entertainment seeker have certainly played in accross different stages of their life; play age, teen years or adulthood . Collecting baseball cards for example is a card game that many can associate with growing up which is no different to me. However, life has got me caught up this days that I hardly participate in any social games. Although, I certainly recall my bags of mixed memories collecting some down the years years. A story which is best to save for later.

Now, the blockchain is affording us all the oppurtunity to define a new and better world where everyone has control over their finances. An impressive story to go along with this is that many applications are being deployed on the blockchain to solve many issues in other aspects of human life such as health, insurance, advertising and many more. This gives us room to also redefine our social skills on a secure, trustless technology like the blockchain. Although there are challenges!


Introducing Cryptopepes

Cryptopepes is a full-featured, blockchain-based card game hosted on the ethereum blockchain. CryptoPepes is more of a digital collectibles rather than a digital cryptocurrency although virtual but in this form it can be bought, sold and transfered digitally with strong guarantees of ownership

        Each CryptoPepe is a non-fungible 
        ERC-721 token which allows for each 
        entity to have its unique attribute

Cryptopepes Card game Explained in details

As we know, Card game is fun and one of the features that makes it even more interesting is their inclusion of special characters or objects. Just like the case of the popular beanie beans card collectible where each card bears a unique character, cryptopepe is no different. Cryptopepes digital characters called, Pepe, are each born unique and has their own chatacteristics, thanks to a unique gene algorithm.

Although all characters are immutable to a frog, in this case digital frog which can be mined, collected and breeded. In similar vein, offspring produced from breeding can be traded on the marketplace or engaged in battle.





Inspired by cryptokitties, cryptopepes special character which is denoted by GEN-0 Cryptopepes will be atleast 35-fold rarer.

Meaning that

Compared to cryptokitties with atleast 35,000 GEN-0 Kitties, Cryptopeppers will only have an 1100 of the same character in total.
Whether this a good or bold move??? Time will tell!

Apart from this, there is a slight variation to the game play as it has its contest visualised as Kittens Vs Pepes which is a marked difference from Cryptokitties

So you will certainly love this game if you can relate with this popular internet meme #pepethefrog; remember matt furie. Although I got scared checking out his stuffs here, so don't click if you are like me😀

"Playing Cryptopepes is like nurturing your JOMO of Old memories, playing card game!"


Challenges Offered by the blockchain towards hosting game apllications

Adopting the blockchain for the larger audience might be a far cry if the problem of scalability and high cost of transactions are not addressed or subtly avoided.
In a bid to navigate the issues of scalability associated with blockchain, Cryptopepes is developing the Pepchain.


Pepchain is an alternative 100% Ethereum compatible blockchain which utilizes the DPOS consensus model known from Lisk, Steem, Ark and EOS

Why the Pepchain

This looks into the solutions offered to gamers by deploying the Pepchain and utilizing the proof of authority consensus

  • Scalable And Decentralised

Unlike known technologies such as, Gochain, which deploys the proof of authority consensus to govern the economy albeit at the cost of centralization.

The Pepchain employs the same consensus albeit in a decentralise environment ensuring that transactions are 3 times faster than the main ethereum blockchain. In a similar vein, Validators can choose to vote up the gas limit allowing Pepchain to process 10 times more.

     The 2 relevant tokens for solo mining within the Cryptopepes economy are

     1. CPEP tokens; those are basically 

     Generation-0 Crypto Pepes, 
     Super rare collectible game item, 
     Max mineable supply 1,000
     Every 16th block 1 CPEP is awarded to a miner.

     2. PEP tokens

     In-game currency
     Max mineable supply 40,000,000.
     *Note : Approximately every 8 minutes, 
       a miner gets rewarded 2500PEP tokens*
  • DPOS Concept

This enables PEP token holders to vote for validators they trust to validate their blocks. The 101most voted Validators will be able to validate blocks.

Failing to produce a block a few times in a row will get them excluded from producing blocks for a short while thus incentivizing 100% uptime as people would revoke their vote and vote a validator with better uptime.

  • Bridging

The Pepchain will cross-communicate with the main ethereum blockchain to enable full access of the services deployed on the main ethereum blockchain to its users and making PEP a token of utility in both worlds.

However, apart from the less mining time feature associated with Proof of Authority consensus, Pepchain can still suffer from block time and transaction throughput. A potential solution to this is the deployment of State Channels which will allow for sub second turns and low transaction fees for opening and closing of battles.

The Cryptopepes blockchain Architecture


Full Features and Benefits of Cryptopepes Blockchain based game

  • 100% User-owned collectibles
  • Full-featured Card game
  • Blockchain based
  • Unique gene algorithm
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Democratically-governed economy
  • Fully decentralised
  • highly scalable
  • Solo mining
  • Custom-built wallet
  • Great UX/UI experience
  • DNA based players

Use Case

Matt is a big time card player, but recently he has got bored with his many options as his attention shift to how to make ends meet and get some money to buy what he loves doing, playing games.

With a platform like cryptopepes, matt can use one stone to kill two birds; meaning he can get to play the game he loves while getting incentivize by trading items collected by playing it or by setting up infrastructure to solo mine the CPEP and PEP tokens to get highly rewarded.



Cryptopepes is a simple but innovative game that looks to test the mettle of a champion who loves to win all the time no matter the dieficiency or ability of his/her character.

This visually stimulative game play looks to use sound quality, character genetics to set the center stage for a truth revealing battle which are unpredictable and fun to game lovers, thereby stimulating their social brain in the process.

However, CryptoPepes isn't just a concept, the beta is live and the mainnet is about to launch on the 10th of October, So stay tuned!.Check their website for more info

Watch their Introductory Video

Useful Links

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Also You can Join their ongoing bounty and airdrop program here


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