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Mr. Frog's Snow Day (Part II): Rum-Roasted Pineapple and Bananas over Yeasted Waffles with Mango Cashew Cream - Food Photoshoot


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On Wednesday morning, the snow began to fall and didn't stop until almost 10 inches blanketed the ground. Now I know that may seem like a small amount to some of you. But, to those of us in the Southern United States, that amount of snow is a game changer. Life, as we know it, comes to a complete halt until the snow melts and the roads begin to clear.

Don't get me wrong. I love the snow. I love looking at the snow...for all of one day. After that, I'm ready for it to clear out and for life to get back to normal. Because, here in the South...We...Don't...Do...Snow!

But, if we're forced to DO SNOW, we do it well.

So, would you like to know what I've been doing during my "snow confinement"?

Mr. Frog in the Snow.jpg

While Mr. Frog kept watch over the snowfall from his perch on the patio, I sat with my cup of tea and contemplated the fate of the beautiful golden pineapple sitting on the counter in my kitchen.

Pineapple in Waiting.jpg

I was determined to do justice to this delicious smelling pineapple. So, while Mr. Frog was frollicking in the snow, I got busy with some Vegan mojo for this fragrant and perfectly ripe pineapple. Soon, this golden beauty (along with it's tropical friend..the banana) would be slow-roasted in a rum sauce. Then, befitting it's new station, it will be served atop a homemade yeast waffle and drizzled with a mango cashew cream and a rummy coconut cream!

Pineapple Chips Ingredients.jpg

The first step to creating this amazing meal is to gather the ingredients and make pineapple chips to garnish the Rum-Roasted Pineapple and Bananas.


Pineapple chips are pretty simple actually. After thinly slicing a few strips of fresh pineapple, I just make a simple syrup of pineapple juice and organic syrup. Then, I soak the pineapple strips for about a minute in the simple syrup. Using a slotted spoon, I removed the pineapple strips and placed them on a parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. (By the way, you can make your own powdered sugar by blitzing organic sugar in a blender until powdery fine. It's cheaper and you don't end up with unnecessary additives in your powdered sugar.) Then dry the strips in a 200 F. degree oven for about 40 minutes until dry. (If you have a dehydrator...all the better!)

Roasted Pineapple Mise En Place.jpg

Then, gather the ingredients for the star of the show....the Rum-Roasted Pineapple. Again, simple ingredients. Fresh pineapple, sugar, brown sugar, rum, pineapple juice and vanilla bean.

Isn't it amazing how such super simple ingredients can come together to make something so divine?

Roasted Fruit In Progress.jpg

Look at all of that goodness, just hanging out and ready to be slow-roasted in a 400 degree F. oven.

Just in case you're unsure about how to scrape out a vanilla bean, check out the cool "how to" video below.

While those pineapple are roasting, whip up a batch of Yeasted Waffles.

Roasted Pineapple 9.jpg

And, some creamy Coconut Mango Cream and Cashew Cream to top it all off!!

Roasted Pineapple 7.jpg

Totally Vegan!

Totally Delicious!


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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "Pretty Pineapple"

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