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Movie review "mucize"


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Want to see true love? Not just the love of two human beings. Love of a teacher, love of a family, love for their profession, love for animals, parents love for a physically challenged child, if you want to see these love together 2 hours 16 hours Take a minute to sit down and watch Mucize movie. I promise you can not stop watching the movie. The Miracle2015 Mucize English words, they are built in kisa film director Mahsun Kırmızıgül.

The story of this movie made with a true story starts with a teacher, who went to the village to go to a completely mountainous hill. There is no school, no girls, no education, no chance. After getting no support from the government, take the thought that you will leave this village yourself. In the city. The guerrillas suffer from this, thinking that small boys were very happy they would hopefully get the light of education. The teacher decided that he would do the school in this village, he would have to be sent to the girls and the school. The crowd agreed on this condition. One of the six sons in the middle whose name is Aziz, physically challenged, everyone hurts him. One day the teacher called everyone saying that Aziz is not disturbed by this. Exercise Aziz learns to write a few words in the personal effort of the teacher. All of the brothers are married, but Aziz Nobody thinks marriage is for her. Because of the fact that Aziz's father saved a life of a man, she wants to give Aziz's marriage to her daughter, but Aziz's father says that my son is disabled, you should think well. The beautiful girl gave the marriage to disabled people Aziz. Other women of the village, men Aziz's wife and laugh about him.
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