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Another Self Proclaimed Satoshi Arrives


5 months ago

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We all know who Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of the Whitepaper of Bitcoin and his Real Identity is shrouded with quite the mystery and it is this Mystery that has enticed a lot of Crypto Enthusiasts to think a lot of Theories as to who Satoshi might be and I have to say that there are a lot of Awesome theories about it. But the Year of 2019 has kind of been a fiasco of people claiming to be Satoshi and that hasn't been fun for a lot of people including me.


Quite recently, Craigh Wright, the Founder of Bitcoin SV was claiming to be Satoshi himself and although he did have an Incentive to declare that almost no one was buying that he was Satoshi. But now we have another person who is claiming to be Satoshi and apparently, he/she will reveal his/her Identity in his Blog Posts with Proof that he/she is Satoshi. But as usual, it seems the Crypto Community is not interested in finding out at all.


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