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Art Word of the Day: Ste. genevieve art colony

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Term: Ste. genevieve art colony

Definition: Active from 1932 to 1940

in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, a French Colonial town near St. Louis dating to 1735. Its picturesque beauty attracted painters dedicated to American Scene painting during the Great Depression. The Ste. Genevieve artists were Regionalists dedicated to finding meaning in their own surroundings. Founders were Jesse Beard Rickley and Aimee Schweig. Affiliated artists were Thomas Hart Benton, Joe Jones, Fred Conway, Max Ziegler, Joseph Vorst, Oscar Thalinger, Bernard Peters, Joseph Meert, Miriam McKinnie, Martyl Schweig and Sister Cassiana Marie. The town remains a tourist attraction with local groups sponsoring tours of French Creole homes, the annual King???s Ball, and a Winter Rendezvous with French Christmas festivities. From October 16 to December 3, 2005, the St. Louis Art Guild sponsored an exhibition titled ???The Art Colony of Ste. Genevieve???. Sources:;

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