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I am Anna Hello To the Steemit


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Hello Its me "Anna" I am a An artist as many already knows me here on steemit.

I am normally drawing sketches on demand of buyers and i believe in my art and work that i can make any person face with my drawing.

The portraits, i want to work on i draw the skin on the art and then use "h and HB" pencil to draw the skin, and "2B" can be used to darken and adjusting the result.

  • I can draw a Simple drawing portrait in 4 ,5 hours ,and a perfect portrait need a week to complete drawing.
  • I was using steemit few months ago but my account stolen and i have no access to my account i am not very experienced in steemit so i had not see any way to get back that account.

i love to draw and share my photos while walking around .

I join it today at 12 Jan ,2020. I hope 2020 will bring some shine in our life and we will have a bright future here. i am expecting much help from the steemians in 2020.

12841974001 (1).jpeg

my picture.jpeg

Photography Of My Self:

12841974001 (2).jpeg

12841974001 (3).jpeg

12841974001 (4).jpeg


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