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Miracle Tele – Blockchain Mobile Operator with Token Rewards


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Miracle Tele review
The concept behind Miracle Tele is very simple, they’ve strategically partnered with a lot of local telecommunication operator around the world giving them the chance to purchase their call and traffic network overcapacities. Eliminating the cost involved in infrastructure development, Miracle tele is able to provide affordable services to consumers whiles also making quality a priority.

Miracle Tele leverages the blockchain technology to develop a Mobile virtual network infrastructure to offer consumers with cost-effective pay-as-you-go call and Internet services which is available globally. The system is built on the blockchain and as such users anonymity is ensured du to the fact that there wouldn’t be the need for documents as required with traditional telecom operators.

The TELE token is an Ethereum-based token which conforms to ERC-20 standards. The TELE token plays a very important role in the eco-system. Users will be able to pay for their telecom services on the platform with TELE and also transfer and trade them once it hits exchange.
The most fascinating part is that Miracle Tele pays 40% of its net profit to token holders every two weeks. In order to be eligible for the token holder's reward, users will have to stake their TELE tokens on the platform and that’s it, simple as “ABCD”


The Miracle Tele App contains more than hundred functions, each being in high demand by users. For our current project, the most important functions are: Retaining your mobile number in the app during remote swapping of the SIM card profile. Subscribers will be able to receive incoming calls via an IP channel and also pay for local mobile service bundles in the visited country. Using Miracle Tele as the first client of a decentralized network based on blockchain technology which we are developing.

Also in the application, it is possible to call and send SMS to any fixed and mobile subscribers, who do not yet have Miracle Tele, at low rates.
Any mobile operator can publish their own prepaid plans ("Offers") as well as smart contracts. These offers are visible to all other operators and their subscribers. Selecting "Offer" creates a new "request" for a smart contract with digital subscriber identification and a payment transaction. At the same time, the subscriber retains his valid SIM card with the old phone number.

ICO details
If we tend to cite the tokens of the project, their main operations are going to be to alter the user to acquire their telecommunications services with them, furthermore on purchase further choices with further worth. At an equivalent time, Tele tokens contribute to creating a profit, which can be charged double per week on their terms. The token itself has AN Ethereum blockchain base and a common ERC-20 token base. Within the future, the founders of Miracle Tele attempt to develop their blockchain network to change all current processes and directly use their tokens.

The target for the soft cap: 150,000,000 TELE
The target for the hard cap: 300.000.000 TELE
The distribution of funds will be like in the image:

It is good to see such a real use case projects developing on blockchain technology. Miracle Tele helps to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. The quality service provided by Miracle Tele is far better than any other mobile network service providers existing today. It is worth to note that Miracle Tele removes the country barriers and provides cheapest international roaming tariffs across 160 countries worldwide. Adoption of blockchain technology will provide huge advantage for Miracle Tele in achieving the goal.

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