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第38回篠山ABCマラソンvol.5 「陶メダル」獲得 The 38th Sasayama ABC Marathon vol.5 I Got Ceramic Medal


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After running 30km, my legs’ tiredness and pain reached a limit. Especially on downgrades, I felt like my legs were going to break by landing impact. But I was curiously able to hang tough, because I was running together with runners of equal ability. I think that if I had been running alone, I could not have kept on running.

In the final stage of the race, my pace slowed down, but I could keep up running 1km in a little over 5 minutes up to the end. This was impossible for me in the previous race “Ako-Gishi Marathon”, so that made me very confident. The following graph is a comparison of lap time between this full marathon and the previous full marathon.

As I wrote in the flash report on the race day, I finish the race in 3:22’30” as gross time ( from starting gun to finish line ), and in 3:20’09” as net time ( from starting line to finish line ). 3:20’09” is my perasonal best time. Right after finishing, I was given a completion medal. The medal is made of ceramic. Ceramic product is one of traditional specialty of Sasayama. Yes, I became a “Ceramic Medalist”.



After the race, we were presented with boar stew, which is a famous specialty of Sasayama. It was so delicious that I felt like my tiredness had cleared off. So I ate all of it in no time.

I returned to Sannomiya by a nonstop bus. I slept the sleep of the dead in the bus.

This time I had to face the race before I could overcome the lack of practice, as my workout schedule had gotten messed up because of a cold just a month before the race. It seems like a miracle that I ran the race in such a good time in the face of bad condithion. None of this good result would have been possible without the stuff of the race, the local peole who cheered us on the sidelines, the runners who ran together, and steemians who cheered me by upvotes & comments. I really want to thank you all very much !

Also, this race is broadcast on ABC television ( a local television station in Kansai region ) at 15:00 on 10th March.


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