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第38回篠山ABCマラソンvol.4 序盤から中盤まで The 38th Sasayama ABC Marathon vol.4 From Start To Middle Stage


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2 minutes after the starting gun, I managed to pass the starting line. But for a while after that, I could never run at my own pace in very crowded condition. It was after running about 2 km that I became to be able to run at my own pace.

In early stage of the race, there was a suprise. The guests invited to this race, ARIMORI Yuko ( a silver medalist at the Barcelona Olympics and bronze medalist at the Atlanta Olympics in the women’s marathon ) and Sayuri ( a member of a comedy duo famous in Kansai region of Japan, “Katsumi & Sayuri” ) was standing on the course and cheering for runners with giving them high fives. Of course, I also gave high fives and was invigorated.

The course was a repetitive cycle of uphills and downhills. Although I am bad at uphill and downhill, I could run at decent pace until middle stage of the race. But my legs began to feel heavy and leaden after running about 20km. That was earlier than usual, because of lack of training by a cold, or damage caused by uphills and downhills. I became anxious about running the latter half of the race with such weak legs. But anyway I had no choice but to keep on running.

to be continued


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