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Steem Checkup - Sunday September 8, 2019

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  • Steem price is mostly unchanged from yesterday
  • @threespeak has announced that they will be burning 3% of all steem rewards for content published on their platform, as part of a growing community effort to burn steem and help raise the price. info here
  • Main Trending tab was at 70% health Today
    (my subjective opinion)

Top Ten (Currently) Trending Posts

Author and Post LinkCurrent Pending RewardTagTopicBidbots UsedCommentsDeserves to be Trending (opinion)
blocktrades177.42 STU#TravelFeedGiveawayYes40Yes
steemchiller96.83 STU#steemworldDeveloper's updateNo57Yes
threespeak126.66 STU#threespeak3Speak Steem Burn InitiativeYes50Yes
smooth161.17 STU#SteemFestGiveawayYes77Yes
marisabel51.58 STU#blocktrades-translationcontent translation (swedish)No1Yes
restmode55.08 STU#bitcoinUS Elections and CryptoYes7No
abh1234581.86 STU#newsteemSteem StatisticsYes53Debatable
acidyoReward Burned#mspContent PromotionYes47Yes
buildteam55.62 STU#buildteamservice announcementNo5Yes
slowwalker58.57 STU#steempresstravel photography cultureNo25Debatable


  • Overall health of Trending tab: 70%
  • Trending tab is healthy

Market Charts

Steem vs. US Dollar
Nothing unusual occurring. Some nice buy-ins occurred on September 4th/5th. August 29th sell-off was the most recent organic sell-off. Only bots and dumb money selling since then. (opinion)

@steemchiller will receive a 5% beneficiary from this post's reward. Please visit @steemchiller's post and help support SteemWorld. If it's within your ability, help however you can, or help spread the word. Upvote, reSteem, Share, whatever you can do.

Thank you for reading. I'll be hammering out the format for these daily posts for a while, and if you want me to add something to these posts that you think is missing, don't hesitate to let me know below.

Please stay safe and keep your head up.



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