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Leumang, The Traditional Food in Indonesia (Aceh)


last month

Hello everybody, long time not see you on the platform. I come back now.

In this post, I will promote you Leumang, a certain traditional culinary during Ramadhan in Aceh. One month ago, we do fasting during Ramadhan.

Cooking Lemang is a tradition for some Acehnese people and Indonesia in the Ramadhan month. The prosess is consuming a longer time-it takes between 4 to 6 hours, since 9:00 a.m, which cooked with embers.

Bamboo, coconut milk, sticky rice, yams, cassava and banana leaves are the main ingredients for cooking Lemang. This typical traditional food, will be more widely available in the month of Ramadan than any other months.

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Original photos and content by Ariful Usman (@arfa)
Taken with Canon EOS 7D


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