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Different platforms, different worlds, and a bit on what’s ahead


2 months ago2 min read

Sooo... I’ve just got to this other writing platform called Uptrennd, registered there, and, naturally, started reading what people write about and what the general atmosphere of the platform is.

It’s amazing how different all these sites are. They are like alien worlds with drastically different cultures, tendencies, and trends. If you are curious about Uptrennd, I’ve got to tell you - be prepared for LOTS of pointless posts, point-seeking comments (like “wow what a great post bro keep them coming your information is super-useful”, ugh), copy-paste articles by non-English speakers (not their fault, many people live in regions where just $1 is a matter of literal physical survival, but still, it sucks that a potentially good platform gets trashed), and spam, spam, spam.

But if you take your time and find the right people to subscribe to, it’s a good place to socialize, meet like-minded individuals, and hopefully make some pocket money along the way (questionable to me as I haven’t yet researched their token and it’s tradeability).

The thing that got me was the perception of Covid situation on this platform. There are lots of people on there, posts are getting many views, but what I’ve seen about coronavirus there so far has saddened me a bit. It just made me realize that there might be MILLIONS of people out there who actually believe what they see on TV, follow the newly imposed rules and recommendations blindly, don’t question statistics or tests or vaccines, and believe that the government is taking care of us.....

After reading and watching people who are more aware and skeptical on here and in a Russian-speaking social network I was getting my hopes up that with some effort we can actually fight (peacefully) this “new normal” thing that is developing now, but alas... I think those of us who want to be free are in for a tough ride, destination unknown.


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