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Steem detective at work - Eve has been uncovered!


2 months ago2 min read

One of the popular Steem photographers/models is @eveuncovered who is known for her self-portraits.

I've always been curious why she's taking the photos by herself and I tried to meet with her. The truth was something even I wasn't prepared for. I managed not only to meet her, but find the original unedited photos for for this photosession she had with herself.

The reason why she's not using anyone else as a photographer is because she looks very different IRL. Her photos are very heavily edited, not only cropped but she's using heavy photoshop on her looks.

I've decided to post the unedited and untouched originals here. It's time you know the truth.

Eve_matkinta  1.jpg

Eve_matkinta  2.jpg

Eve_matkinta  3.jpg

Eve_matkinta  4.jpg

Eve_matkinta  5.jpg

Trying to mimic her poses was really hard. I had issues with light, I had issues with my tripod, I had issues trying to get the camera in right position and getting camera to work just the perfect way and the fact that it was really hot when I was wearing a sweater indoors, trying to get into all the poses. I really respect @eveuncovered as a photographer and as a model. I could never be a model.

I just realized my phone, which I used as a remote, was visible in the third photo. Goddamit.


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