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Hi, it's us, the solar power saints of Guatemala!


6 months ago

HI STEEMIT! You guys are pretty cool, so we thought we'd join the club!

We're The Appropriate Technology Collaborative in Guatemala a non profit to urge forward the Shift! Meet us in person, here we are in the office together:

We design and distribute green technologies to improve health and prosperity for low income people, while preserving the environment.

It turns out, low income rural people are extremely conscious and concerned about environmental protection because deforestation and contaminated waterways are making life more challenging than ever.

Our Social Enterprise development program, Mayan Power and Light, is demonstrating to the world that small social businesses can strengthen local economies, serve social needs and create jobs.

You can help us grow our programs by volunteering behind the scenes or in the communities at:

Or Donate on Fundition, backed by the rad @ddaily crew!

Get your crazy sexy cool @ddaily 2019 calendar and get solar panels to light a rural school!!/@appropriatetech/dmrqyqla4](!/@appropriatetech/dmrqyqla4

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