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Lower Astral Clearing Transmission - Recommended for Everyone


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"The astral realm contains sub-dimensions where ea 1 reflects the level of consciousness/vibration of the inhabitants contained therein The upper astral world is the place where we can meet angels/archangels/masters fr the higher realms The higher astral is where we find various temples of healing/schools of spiritual light/wisdom. The middle astral realm is the place where we often go during the dream state. These realms can be very beautiful & full of light/magic. We can also touch the lower astral in the dream state and also when going thru a difficult period in r lives The lower astral vibrates w/the lowest levels of consciousness We could think of this place in terms of being the collective repository of ‘evil’ of humanityHere can be found entities/groups of beings that work w/in the energy fields of fear/rage/hatred/deceit/helplessness/black magic etc

I,n, ,t,h,i,s, ,t,r,a,n,s,m,i,s,s,i,o,n, ,w,e, ,w,o,r,k, ,w,/,a,n,g,e,l,i,c, ,f,o,r,c,e,s, ,t,o,2,c,l,e,a,r, ,a,n,y, ,p,a,s,t,/,p,a,r,a,l,l,e,l,/,f,u,t,u,r,e, ,t,i,m,e,l,i,n,e,s, ,w,h,e,r,e, ,l,o,w,e,r, ,a,s,t,r,a,l, ,k,a,r,m,a, ,&, ,i,n,t,e,r,f,e,r,e,n,c,e, ,i,s, ,g,e,n,e,r,a,t,e,d,., ,A,l,s,o, ,w,o,r,k, ,2, ,c,l,e,a,r,/, ,r,e,t,u,r,n, ,a,n,y, ,l,o,s,t, ,o,r, ,t,r,a,p,p,e,d, ,s,o,u,l, ,f,r,a,g,m,e,n,t,s, ,t,h,a,t, ,w,e,r,e, ,s,p,l,i,t, ,o,f,f, ,d,u,r,i,n,g, ,a, ,t,i,m,e, ,o,f, ,t,r,a,u,m,a, ,i,n, ,1, ,o,r, ,m,o,r, ,l,i,f,e,t,i,m,e,s,., ,T,h,i,s, ,t,r,a,n,s,m,i,s,s,i,o,n, ,c,l,e,a,r,s, ,a,l,l, ,a,g,r,e,e,m,e,n,t,s,/,t,h,o,u,g,h,t,-,f,o,r,m,s,/,i,m,p,l,a,n,t,s,/,i,m,p,r,i,n,t,i,n,g, ,t,h,a,t, ,a,l,l,o,w,s, ,l,o,w,e,r, ,a,s,t,r,a,l, ,i,n,t,e,r,f,e,r,e,n,c,e, ,i,n, ,u,r, ,r,e,a,l,i,t,y,",


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