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My 3rd Week at Steemit


2 years agoBusy

3 Weeks Old as Steemian

As I mentioned on my previous post, PAID bots can help us increase #Reputation score fast but NOT income. I tried more #bidbots just to compare them and found @brupvoter to be the BEST bot for me to date. I guess I have to stick with it forever than waste more money testing other 'BAD' bots.

@brupvoter minimum bid is very affordable and automatically refund your money and notify you when "the current bidding round is full".

@postpromoter bidding never been full I guess but the minimum bid is higher than others. I use it only when brupvoter is full and when I have 4.000 SBD/STEEM or more.

There are bots that would only take your money and leave you in the dark - I sent funds but no upvote nor refund from the following.

#Resteemer bidbot is a NON SENSE business.

@treeplanter is different. I am willing to send them 0.25 SBD/STEEM wether they upvote or not because I LOVE PLANTING TREES!

Who doesn't like to plant trees?


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