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OnePageX - A portal to Simplify your experience of trading cryptocurrency on an exchange like never before


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What if going simple is Enough!

I think this statement best reminds most of us of a moment when we want to sound like a highly technical person but we couldn't find that verbose word to articulate our thoughts making us feel ridiculed after making a mess of of ourselves of what to say. Later the question that comes to your mind is why didnt I go simple? Maybe that would still have the same effect I wanted to put accross to the next person.

What brings me to this thought is the sheer amount of time we waste sifting through many exchanges just to get the best exchange rate to trade digital coins and still end up loosing important margins within the minute, when there should have being an automated process that compares the prices on offer on different exchanges and presents us the best offers in a simple, readable template to help us save time while making better choices except of course you are looking at long time by setting orders which inevitably puts your funds at a risk

This concept of comparing prices from many exchanges and syncing top exchanges on a single portal is now conceived and being deployed by OnePageX!


So what is OnePageX

Just like the name sounds, OnePageX stands for one page exchange and it is a rather unconventional exchange from what we are used to.

Their Vision is to enable trading of most cryptocurrencies with a simple interface.

And we shall see something simple and pretty in the course of this article which might change the way we use exchanges. Stay tuned!

DYOR - A standard word in the cryptocurrency space

Doesn't matter whether you are a noob or a master in the cryptocurrency space. At one point or the other, you must have come accross this word somewhere or have it mentioned to you in a conversation. And if this is your first time hearing it, then you must acquaint yourself with it as it is a technical advice to warn everyone of the potential risk of following crowd influence in the crypto space while making a habit of Doing Your Own Research before investing into any project; as many have turned out to be scams in recent times, leading to loss of funds for people who bought into the project due to this instigated FOMOs.

Now that you know the reason why you need to do your own research, the next question should be how do we do our own research and what we have to do after the research. However, the former will be a topic for another day, although it mostly involve your personal education and instinct at times. So we are concentrating on what we do after conducting our research, trading on Exchanges!

What happens after DYOR - [Doing Your Own Research]

Some of us go through different exchanges, some of us just buy directly into a project we like, some of us follow the crowd. Which ever method we employ, we want to be sure that at the end of the day, we are getting the best deal on offer which can be quite hard to know due to the numerous exchanges on offer.

This has many implications for an average trader in the sense that he has to manage multiple registration on different exchanges, unsolicitedly release his personal information and slow loading of some of the exchanges also contribute more to the stress; not to talk of the risk they put their asset at by putting it under the custody of third party or under the risk of an attack.

To expantiate more on this, while conducting my research, I came accross an article that talked about how we can simplify and innovate cryptocurrency exchange space. In one of the survey conducted by encrybit, which the author interviewed a 1000+ member audience by asking them this simple question "What are the biggest problem that you see in currently available exchanges". Take a look at their responses in the chart below


Image credit

Although this exercise might not capture the mind of every harry's and deacon's that plough the cryptocurrency landscape; that is why I believe that even at end of my analysis, this might still be down to individual judgement, but lets look at the options below

OnePageX : An Exchange of choice?? Take a look at reasons why!

download (1).jpeg

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If the survey above is anything to go by, it means that apart from the inherent problems of security, understandable trading fee; although still relatively on the high side, amid liquidity concerns. Users still have to contemplate with ridiculous issues like account suspension, uninteractive user interface, lack of crypto pairs hindering good quality trading options; something am too familiar with on most exchanges amongst others.

Now let's look at some of the Features of OnePageX exchange; a new user-friendly exchange that offers us a potential way out of many of this issues at a go. While offering us reduced time taken to DYOR and make trades easily

  • Engines that compares prices from different exchanges

The OnePageX engine is programmed to compare the real-time price of any coin trading on different exchanges and bring the best available price on offer to the user via a simple interactive interface. All without compromising the security of his funds.

With OnePageX , users are not limited to select few cryptocurrencies with over 140+ cryptocurrency already available for trading on the platform.

  • No Signups, No Kyc!

OnePageX guarantees users privacy by using a simple interface that doesn't require them to submit any of their informations before making transactions in a trustless manner. Therefore, anytime a user generates a transaction, their URL will add on a session to their browser which means that users can bookmark this page or copy the link whichever is more suitable and come back to their transaction status at a later time.

Note : Addresses generated can be used indefinitely

  • Make a transaction in 4 simple steps

Visit the OnePageX website


Step 1 : Pick an asset to convert to.
choose from the 140+ cryptocurrency assets

Step 2 : Enter a withdrawal address.

Enter a Valid destination address you wish to receive your asset

Step 3 : Click “Start Exchange”

Step 4 :A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

Note : Presently, only BTC is available for deposit. However, changes will be made as time goes on and more markets will be added including the Steem market as well.

  • Know the status of your transaction on OnePageX via cards


  • If you see any of this transaction signals, here is what they mean.


  • Avoid downtime troubles

Account on exchanges can be under maintenance for months, which means that all funds under that account might be out of reach to the owner. A situation like this can leave the account owner in a bad state as the cryptocurrency space is an economy that being punctual can yield great rewards and otherwise can be detrimental.

This is not the case with OnePageX as tokens are traded on the go and directly into your main wallet

  • Simple & Single Interface

The beauty of this exchange is allows users to manage multiple transactions easily within a single page interface, since transactions are simply added in the form of cards which is accessible anytime. This cards can also help users to monitor the status of their transactions.

An exhibit of the card format is seen below

  • Responsive Customer Care Unit


Source : OnePageX website

Feedback is one of the live wire of any organisation. Most exchanges are negligent in this aspect as there have being many reports of them showing little concern to help customers with account related issues such as account retrieval and the likes.

From that survey, 33% feels that exchanges are not doing enough interms of feedback

This is not an issue with OnePageX because there is no need for that in the first place leaving more room for everyone to concentrate on what matters most, trading!. Which the support team will be eager to respond to the few issues that may come up concerning unfulfilled orders or similar issues, because there are no trunge of orders/issues to contend with.

  • Integration with other platforms

Onebox widget is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. You can easily do this by copying the provided code inside the Onebox link into your web template. Source : Website

Use this code below:

This source code goes into the web template


OnePageX on your main website


OnePageX is compatible with both desktop and mobile interface. Therefore can be easily integrated into any website via the onebox widget to allow them make trades easily in cryptocurrency. This means that businesses and their customer can trade in any cryptocurrency of their choice.

Important Note

OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees for the rest of 2018!

That’s right, trade without any fees! We are happy to bring this to our users so that they can give us a try!

The Choice is Yours! Simple OnePageX or the Conventional Way

Inspite of the obvious advantages which OnePageX offers, I cant discount the fact that the option of having a full-featured exchange for some special type of trades are non-negotiable but if you are looking to make normal trades easily, avoid spending much time sifting through many exchanges while making deals conveniently at a fair price. It is best to use an exchange with less of this side attractions where all your transactions can be easily managed on a single window unlike keeping different wallets on different exchanges.

However, this exchange model may be more suitable for people who see security as their No. 1 priority. However it must be said that the transaction window is still within the frame of what is acceptable on most exchanges. OnePageX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee on all transactions. All fees are included in the estimate shown

Highlighting the Full Benefits and Features of OnePageX

  • Suitable for security conscious traders
  • Multiple cryptocurrency options for trading : 140+
  • Transaction are almost instant, once deposited currency is confirmed
  • User-friendly, single page Interface to manage multiple transactions easily
  • Instant transaction status update
  • Registration and KYC(Know Your Customer) not required


While the team keeps working hard on adding more cryptocurrency in future updates, it is important to understand the fact that this is still a new project with bright ideas.

So expect to see more changes along the way but hopefully this will work because it offers some quick and lazy way to conveniently trade cryptocurrency and still make a fair deal inspite of price volatility.

Use Case

Service Industry

Frens is a recognised eatery around town who accepts online payment from his customers to do home delivery. They will love to move to using blockchain services to better serve their customer but couldn't get any further with the complex structure of the available options.

With Onebox they could easily integrate cryptocurrency payment option into their website without the need to move their business to another platform. Ensuring they maintain their customers base and expand on their network of customer as well.

Same arrangement could be applied to different industries!

Feel free to check for more details about OnePageX below

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