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One unpopular statement is to say that Blockchain is a concept that lives beyond cryptocurrency; because almost every crypto fanatics were enticed by the potentials embeded in this digital currency due to the unique qualities they possess; while forgetting the fact that they were made obvious by the unwavering power of the blockchain!

Cryptocurrency have a role to play as they will serve different utility usecase for different economies on the blockchain

However, early crypto adopters knows that the perfect satoshi dream is to create an Internet of value around this technology which extends beyond the concept : "Store of value". But to create a system where values can be exchanged easily at no or low transaction cost devoid of any third party influence.

Exchanges were first instituted as a means to fill the void left by the independents blockchain architecture which represents independent value islands because these infrastructures lack a reliable framework to interact easily. But with new developments in key technologies such as : cross-chain atomic swaps, cryptographic protocols and payments networks including Lightning and Raiden; there is need to restructure the role of blockchain in general and exchanges in particular inorder to mitigate issues in the present system. Hence Exchange emerges not out of the blue this time but in a stepwise fashion due to their partnership with a company of rich-history in cryptocurrency trading, Paymium

The Major Issues with the Present system of Exchange

  • Performance

Creating an economy of value around the blockchain alone where goods and services can be exchanged freely might not be sufficient because the technology is slow when compared with other payment protocols like paypal, visa or even exchanges themselves making it unsuitable for mass adoption and use in financial settlements

  • Security

On the otherhand, using exchanges alone to drive an economy of value might not be the best option as most exchanges are centralised in this aspect making them liable to attack; just as we have seen with few exchanges in recent times. Using this channel also attract high transaction fees for users which is not ideal to drive a true internet of value just like https and email offer us information for free.

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Enter Exchange

Having recognised the challenges stated above; has come with a model to facilitate the exchange of value by combining a centralized orderbook for rapid and efficient trading with the option of decentralised settlements to ensure users trade safely in a trustless manner.

This means that is able to offer its users the speed and reliability of a centralized exchange, with the safety and security of a decentralized exchange which requires not to deposit funds on the exchange before trading. [Source : Whitepaper]

Through their partnership with Paymium : one of the first fiat/bitcoin exchanges established in 2011; they aim to drive their vision of becoming the No1 European cryptocurrency exchange by 2020 while thriving on a strong culture of reliability, security, accountability, compliance and fairness.

Why Join Exchange?

  • Huge Customer Base and Liquidity is opening up the market to over 180k+ customers who are already signed up on their parent company,Paymium. Which means that users can expect to enjoy a high liquidity trading platform with no or little use of automated market makers once it launches in November this year.

  • Fast and Reliable

Deploying decentralised settlements ensure that customers funds never leave the secure blockchain environment while ensuring they conveniently exchange value in real-time due to the benefits of deploying the latest technologies such as cross-chain atomic swaps, cryptographic protocols and payments networks including Lightning and Raiden between the different independent blockchain.

This will remove the need to pay the extra transaction fees associated with trading on centralised exchanges. Meanwhile users both technical and non-technical can use the advanced trading features of exchange to monitor their positions and match orders conveniently in real-time.
          Note: Funds will be locked in a smart     
            contract before trade is initiated to 
            ensure fairness and avoid double spending
  • Better Storage Option

While other centralised exchanges can choose to deploy the option of cold storage, many have failed to do so, leaving the exchange resources at the mercy of hackers. Inorder to avoid this scenario and maintain a highly secure exchange, exchange will store 98% of its reserve in "cold storage" such that digital coins are stored by splitting keys accross several location, thereby requiring several signatures to be accessed.

  • Protocol Stack Enabled Wallet

This is simply a technology to support interaction between different technologies to resolve the inherent issues of having to sift through many exchanges. With this feature enabled, wallet will be able to achieve the following objectives

  • Trade between different cryptocurrencies and altcoins

  • Trade on second layer protocols such as bitcoin lightning network, ethereum raiden without the in-depth knowledge of underlying technologies.

  • P2P Trading and Lending platform

Apart from providing users with crypto-to-crypto peer-to-peer trading, Blockchain.ioexchange will be Integrated with paymium's service to enable trading between cryptocurrency and fiat.

Users can also benefit from funds managed and maintained by this company by allowing its members to borrow from their treasury while ensuring transaction rate are automatically determined by supply and demand. Again no third party involved.
  • Strong Regulatory framework and Accountability

And this in my personal opinion is the reason why I think will win the market in a few years to come because of their drive to ensure only viable and high valuable projects lives within the system. So this ensure they properly aggregate any projects before getting listed through their strict vetting procedure while ensuring that they run within the requirements of the law.

Apart from vetting this ICOs, also ensure they offer financial, marketing and Legal support to projects that successfully scale through the process. A process which is duly followed by the community invitation to vote for their favorite project to be listed.

Exchanges as the instrument to drive the "Internet of Value" + the Benefits of Using the Platform is an exchange which comes with real utility to different users because of the numerous advantages it holds over conventional exchanges. This makes exchanges the focal point for users to navigates an "Internet of Value" built around different economies based on the utility value of a given cryptocurrency, Just like the world have witnessed via the WWW protocol : which host every information within different domain and yet all are still connected!

Benefits to Traders

  • peer-to-peer trading and lending
  • Low transaction cost
  • High liquidity exchange
  • Easy-to-use trading tools
  • High quality Projects
  • Reliable infrastructure to reduce downtime

Benefit to Institutional investors

  • Security of funds on the devrntralised blockchain
  • Fast processing time
  • Auditability and transparency
  • Compliance with both local and international trade laws
  • Highly scalable framework for mass adoption.

Benefit to ICOs

  • Strict vetting service
  • Access to an interested community
  • Financial, Marketing and Legal support

Full Features of Exchange platform



Role of Exchanges To provoke the ''Internet of Value''


Throughout the short history of cryptocurrency and blockchain, exchanges has always serve as the link between the opposite spectrum of any transaction, be it fiat/crypto or crypto/crypto.

Therefore the role of the Exchange is similar to that of the "WWW" protocol in the http framework on which every information is conveyed while the underlying Independent blockchain are best represented as the different domain on the internet map. Therefore both of them must function together inorder to create an economy of value. Exchange Token

BCIO, an erc-20 utility token, represents the native token of the exchange which have several use cases outlined below



The two core of exchange concept is offering users a decentralized settlement options backed by centralised orderbooks driving a secure, scalable and fast exchange option for its many users including institutional investors.

We are getting ever closer to mass adoption of blockchain technology for day-to-day use in financial and e-commerce sector and many more with innovative solutions like this in the offing!

Crowdsale So far so good is currently in the third week of their crowdsale and their crowdsale is set to finish October 25, 2018, 6:00 AM UTC. There is no softcap for the crowdsale as the exchange will be developed regardless of the total amount raised.

"Contribute more than 100 Euros in the crowdsale using the referral code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z and earn a 5% bonus"

In the first 7 days of the crowdsale, $1.2M USD was raised despite the current market conditions. **All unsold tokens will be burned, meaning the exchange could enter the market with an usually low market cap for a project of this stature**



Project Roadmap


The Team Behind the project




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