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Look to the long term


7 months agoSteemit2 min read

In today's society we want everything instantly. No one wants to wait for anything anymore, its all now now now. People are always wanting that instant gratification. The biggest problem with this is that they are always too short sighted. They want quick turn around when they should be looking to the long term.

I love the term "long run" because life is a marathon. You need to think about day to day things and even week to week but more people need to think about the distant future. A perfect example is here on dtube. I'm sure people always want huge up votes and quick payouts but I think its better to look to the future and think of how I want to seen and contributing to this platform in the future. I want to build a channel that people enjoy watching and enjoy the content and that's not something that will happen overnight.

So to all my fellow steemians and dtubers keep going with your content creation and no matter what don't stop. Look to the future and envision what you want to build and go for it!

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