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Magician. Programmer. Artist. Discordian joker. Troll (the nice kind). Special Agent. Full stack web developer. Nessie watcher. Experiencer. Psychonaut...

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Day 15 Song covered by a different artist Bauhuas: Ziggy Stardust There are so many good cover versions I like, it was hard to choose. Typ…
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For a while I've been tracking the steady rise of steemit.com in the alexa rankings. Two milestones lie ahead, one symbolic and the other …
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Day 14: Music played at wedding Troll-tuned hardanger fiddle - Geirr Tveitt Already married, to @dana-varahi in 2014. We had a boat on Loc…
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Day 13: Favourite Song from the 70s. Rainbow Demon by Uriah Heep Awesome track. From before I was born, but I still love it. I actually go…
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Collatoral damage in the war against bad posts Cheetah and Steemcleaners do a good job overall. Pretty sure that without them the steem bl…
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Ahoy there! Myself and a colleague celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day in the office. Photo taken by our Cap'n. I'm the one i…
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Day 12: Song from preteen years. The Firm: Star Trekkin' When I was around 14 I got into music more seriously and begin collecting music b…
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